Duck, Duck, Shoes

Duck, Duck, Shoes


Casie Stewart #thisismylife

Duck dress is from Winners and Oxfords from Browns. Heading to Yorkdale Mall tonight for a special invite-only shopping event for bloggers at Nine West hosted by my girl, Stacey McKenzie. New shoes for me! Woot.

Hope you have a great day. Make sure to wear sunscreen, it’s a scorcher out there!


Yoga with Joseph at Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica, Pura Vida!

Last winter I visited Anamaya Resort for a yoga & surfing retreat in Costa Rica. It was heaven! A truly magical place. I am dying to go back there to the ocean and the jungle. Especially right now since it’s NOT EVEN WARM OUT YET!

I just got sent this lovely video of us on the deck doing synchronized yoga with Joseph. I can’t tell you how WONDERFUL  it was to do yoga here each morning and surf in the afternoon.

[iframe id=””]

Check out Anamaya Resort if you are looking for a great travel destination. It’s a beautiful eco lodge in Montezuma, Costa Rica. There’s boat tours and all kinda of fun things you can do there! Take me back to the jungle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday Thursday!

Lifestyles of the Queen West and Fabulous

As Keri says "Best Night of the Week!"

Thursday is always a good day. There are less than 15 working hours till the weekend so make them COUNT! I’ve got a busy day at work and am excited about upcoming projects. Being Director of Social Media here at community is so fun/crazy/exciting. Each day is a new adventure!

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Good morning! I have a really great feeling about today. Passing it on :)CASIE STEWART
This is my Thursday alarm. I plays Lady Gaga ‘Edge of Glory’ super loud. Morning motivation to get moving is great!
Gonna be real nice out tomorrow 🙂 STEWART
Meet Charlie – My new 3-speed Linus Dutch bike. It’s like a dream to ride. I LOVE IT!
Have you SEEN how nice the it’s gonna to be this weekend? Thanks to Lauren for posting this because I am SMILING just as big for Toronto’s weekend weather. To be honest, I don’t mind if spring comes next week. PLEASE SPRING!
Got a little haircut last night. I’ve gone back to Sonya and her new salon (Evolve Hair Studio on Fort York) I love the details she takes to doing my hair. Next week I’m bringing back the bleach blonde. It’s gonna be hot. 
Made a smoothie and had an avocado for breakfast. I’ve got this ‘Start the Year Off Right’ thing down pat. 
Biked to work. Made smoothie. Ate avocado. Sun is out. Day is good! @ Pulp And Fiber STEWART
Tried to make a video while biking today and it was a bust. I looked super stylish on my way to work though. 
In other news…
Looks like #BritneySpears is set to quit the #Xfactor to concentrate on her music and 8th studio album! #etalketalk CTV
In sports as in life you don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for. @bodybreakBODY BREAK
That Beyonce cover of GQ is SO photoshopped. Is that even her?CASIE STEWART
If you’re based in Canada, have a blog that covers music (or you want to), send me an email: LOTS of releases coming!Eric Alper
How Paid and Earned Media Should Work Together #contentCASIE STEWART
Looking forward to hanging out with Keri tonight. We are totes over due for a girls hangout. Keep fit and have fun!

Do You Pin or Tumble? iBoth.

I have 18 Pinterest boards and follow over 800 blogs on Tumblr. They are excellent ways to keep your mind fresh with ideas and inspire creativity. Last night I updated the cover photos on each of my Pinterest boards. I think they look so pretty now. Something I realllly love seeing is brands who use these well. They are great ways to visualize content and show creativity.

I also blogged some style photos on my Tumblr, OH CASIE. I’ve had that thing for years. I love it. Some great high fashion, constant gifs, and weird wonderful things. I have about 10 tumblr blogs but I don’t update them all, yet. Since I started blogging in 2005 I’ve started and stopped SO MANY blogs. My fav one I still update here and there is borderline artistic on blogspot, my drawing blog.



Work, Work, Worker Bee Babe

Busy day today. This weather is great for working. I was invited to Blundstone, the Australian boot company to check out their new style of shoes.  They come from Tasmania, I’ve been there. Toured a brewery and went to a spa in Hobart. Will share those tomorrow. Have dance tonight at King West Fitness for Nuvo Burlesque’s Army of Sass. I’m stoked. It’s so much fun. Things are going great at work. I really love it here.  Do you love my new glasses? They’re ‘Love’ by Derek Cardigan for Clearly Contacts. I’m terribly excited for Halloween BTW.

Hope you are having an awesome day!


Bot & Sold on Twitter (RE: Article from @FastCompany)

A couple of times over the last few years a photo of me has been used as a Twitter bot. I didn’t think much of it. I figured there was nothing I can do other than report for spam. 

To be honest, my first thought was “you’ve made it” then it happened over a handful of times and it was kinda unsettling. Have I been targeted? What is going on here and why does this keep happening?

Yesterday, Keri sent me this article from FastCompany  “Who’s That Woman In The Twitter Bot Profile? by Jason Feifer. I got a couple Tweets about it too.

They’re sometimes called “bimbots”–the army of Twitter bots with pretty profile pictures. Who are the women pictured in those photos? This is the story of the quest to find out.”

Omg, it’s a thing. I read on…

“After dozens of searches, a pattern emerged: Most bot photos had a long digital tail, having been posted on dozens of sketchy porn sites or blogs devoted to the barely legal. Occasionally, I’d be able to track a photo back to what seemed like an original source–like when a bot’s photo showed up alongside many others of the same woman, all posted to the fratboy site Barstool Sports. The site claimed her name is Aurora. But when I reached out, as was always the case, nobody cared to explain where the photos came from.

…I tracked two bots back to the 2009 SUNshine Girls calendar, a lingerie showcase produced by the Toronto Sun. (I guess newspapers have to make money somehow.) The calendar only offered the models’ first names, and the paper’s photo editor wouldn’t connect me with them. But after a little Internet stalking–this is how reporting works, people!–I found a connection.”

Crazy eh? My photo is from the Toronto Sun as a SUNshine Girl in 2001. It was October, I won a bikni contest about a month earlier and before I knew it, I graced the special page at the back of the paper. (It’s not actually special.) If you haven’t seen it a simple Google will tell you. The photo that comes up first is from Raymi’s blog. I bet the Sun totally sold my photo. DAMN  YOU JERKS!

Know anyone else this happened to? LMK!

In Other News:

  • One of my videos on CoralTV is being promoted by YouTube this week. Me! TV on the Internet is the future, and maybe after that, Internet on the TV. Whooaaaaa. See it here.