expansion of the universe is accelerating

It’s hard to wake up, I could stay in bed all day but NO! Meeting Keri for coffee and gonna drive some cars. Remember last time we drove cars? Took a few veee-dubs round a race track with a pro driver. See Das Awesome for the vids.

BTW did you see that Scientists in the US and Australia won the Nobel Prize in Physics “for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe,” SMH has the full story. Who knew Aussies were so smart, hahaha. I kid, I kid, I love Australia. #kiwi

Once again I’m running behind because I’m addicted to documenting. Need to get camera ready for my live debut on youtube.ca. I’ll Tweet before I go on so you can tab your browser to youtube.ca and see ME!

Want me to give you a shoutout?

New Gaga w/ Tony vid out today.

Don’t let the rain get you down, feel it on your face, feel alive!

For Nuit Blanche last night I was in disguise, Keri too. Some interesting findings from our art installation that I will share with you later. It is amazing the difference from my usual blonde hair  to these long brown locks. SHOCKING really.

Big ups & thanks to the team at Travelling Hitmen. They sent me a huge box of shirts & goodies. This one is my fav. WATCH YOUR BACK. Hitmen be commin’.

Screening of Measuring Tape Girl is today (2pm & 4pm) at the National Film Board. I’ll be there all afternoon hosting & doing interviews. The film is about self expression & blogging. I just finished pre-screening it. Looking forward to chatting about it with the director.

She’s Connected Social Media Conference – Speaker

I was tweeting via iPad while I was on stage.

Panel after me had Wendy & Raymi on it. Good day. Sitting with some nice peeps right now. They were nice enough to give me a seat at their table. Stephen and I are interviewing She’s Connected Organizer Donna and an attendee at the end of the day.

I should be getting ready, I’m addicted to blogging…

I love this time of year. For me it’s all about working hard, trying to get the most done, cleaning clutter and getting ready to hibernate and foster ideas for the winter. You too?

Keri‘s inspired me to get rid of heaps of crap. She’s ditching EVERYTHING. Went to her emporium yesterday, picked up few nic nak’s plus a couch and bed stuff. Lauren is moving too and I scored a book shelf from her. Oh yeah! Thanks besties 🙂 The next week is mega re-org of all my things.

 Got this yesterday! Yippee.

2011 Canadian Weblog AwardsCasie Stewart: This Is My Life has been nominated for the 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards in the Life category.

The 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards are a juried competition with nominations open in 37 categories between January 1st and October 31st, 2011. The nominees shortlist will be announced on December 1st, 2011, and the winners will be announced on January 1, 2012.


 I told myself  (and you) I’d start the Total Cleanse juices today but it needs to be Sunday post Nuit Blanche. I’ll be up all night and there’s a good chance I might have a drinks. I’m also at conference most the afternoon and … I know I’m making excuses. SHUT UP CASIE!! Looking forward to it though.  I’ll be drinking these six juices for three days. They look yummy! I’m seriously going to try & follow the rules. I am writing this down so I must stay true to my word, and you, blog.

Sunday I’m hosting the film screening for Measuring Tape Girl at the National Film Board so I won’t be up THAT late. If you are on camera and up late the night before IT SHOWS BIG TIME. I learned that the hard way.

I really need to get off the computer and move my office aka me & James Dean (Macbook) to the Sheraton Centre for the She’s Connected conference. Details on my panel below. You can follow along with the hashtag at #SCCTO.

Adele put out her new vid for Someone Like You today. I love to sing this song loud as I can.

Maybe I’ll see you out for Nuit Blanche tomorrow! Bon weekend!


My Lomography Shots: First round Second round

Lots of cameras made into art. Liked these ones.

Have another roll in development right now. Planning to shoot Monday’s Diet Coke party with B&W film with the Sprocket Rocket. I am imagining beautiful artistic photos, please join me in that thought. It’s like, hard to take analogue photos man. Digital kid vs Analogue lifestyle for the win.  Thanks for the invite 🙂

these are a few of my favourite things (right now)

This post if full of things that add glitter to my life. Thought I’d share with ya. Bangs from Doll Bar, Olympus PEN, vintage hats.

I’ve been trying a new routine of going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. Once you get outta bed, you can really accomplish heaps before the day really started. That’s my September goal: do more before 10am than most people do in a whole day.

My October goal is: go to England or New Zealand. Settin’ em high. YES WE CAN.

Sprocket Rocket camera from Lomography. I’ve got heaps of film because, frankly, I’m not that good at using the camera so I need to take heaps of shots before I can be considered good. Analogue is haaaarrrrrrd.

New duvet cover is the alphabet, say hello to my ALPHA bed. See what I did there? Oh yeah, creative play on words. New flowery pillow looks painted and that eye mask is from Keri. I sleep with an eye mask pretty much every night. I live in a glass box, it’s SO SUPER sunny in the AM! Although, getting to sleep is never a problem thanks to my new memory foam mattress. According to bestmattress-reviews, there are a number of quality options at a lower price than you’d think.

Gadget love: iPad (Andy), Macbook Air (James Dean), Android (Motorola DEFY), Logitech wireless mouse. I spend most the day with these guys.

Ok, here’s something really amazing….you won’t BELIVE how tall I am with these legendary things strapped on. Aren’t they beautiful?

They’re Jeffrey Campbell and I ordered them online at Solestruck. They’re like stilts. Move over Buskerfest. Comfy and good for walking. Film Fest, I am ready for you with my giant shoes.

I’ve been using Mereadesso cleanser w/ face & neck toning gel and I’m really loving it. Feel like I’m looking youngish. Got asked for ID more than twice last week so it must be working. Hellooooo, I’ll be 30 next year!

The Redken is a treatment from Darren Kwik Studio so my hair stays lovely. Louis Vuitton Brands send me Fendi perfume. It’s nice. Dior lipstick is a deep shade of red, perfect for Fall. Love that Body Shop butter, smells so good and makes your skin mega soft.

Scarf is from Forever 21. I went there for the first time this past weekend.

New leather jacket from Holts is dying for September weather. Skull Candy headphones from Shannon, awesome for concentrating. Bright thing is a head wrap from Bicyclette Boutique on Queen Street. Hamilton Watch, only one of that model in Canada. Flower headband from H&M.

Obsession with Docs & Converse is getting a little out of control. How many shoes is too many? I’ll be Carrie Bradshaw one day (except way more flats). Have a gift certificate for a new pair of Docs. Remember the Docs Fall Preview? SO many nice ones. Might go for the dressy style.

I’m heading on a mission to go get my bike. She’s been at KOOL HAUS since Saturday and I REALLLLLLY hope she’s still chilling there. Have an awesome day!! Oh, and BTW, Summer is not over so make sure you catch some rays out there.