hi, how are you today?

Fine. Sitting on the couch drinking water and eating Marmite on bread.

Had a great night out with my sister last night. I’m closer to her than ever and it’s crazy how well we know each other. We are afterall sisters, but really good friends too which is awesome. I really appreciate her and that she lives in the city . We don’t see Dad that much cause he’s in Cambridge and Mum is sailing on her boat on the East Coast of the USA. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Lots of stuff this week. Monday night is TweetgasmTO at the Gladstone. Tuesday night I have something I forgot to put in my calendar and I hate when I do that. Hopefully writing this now and reading it later will remind me what the heck it is. Thursday is Sabrina’s birthday. There’s always stuff hapenin’ on Thursday. Friday I will be at Dundas Square all day for an event follow me at @armyourself_gsk for deets on that. Friday night is the People Downtown Halloween party. Saturday, I reckon I will need sleep/home alone time. Sunday is Halloween yahooooooooo. I will be at Parts & Labor for a private show with Broken Social Scene that is hosted by Virgin America and the Torontoist. I really hope Emily & Feist are there. That would be great, I have a crush on them both. Next week I’ve got a spa thing at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and a lesson in DJing. Imagine I was a DJ? Imagining………..  In New Zealand I met this babe blogger from the UK named Gala Gonsales who DJ’s. I think that’s hot.

This is gonna be a good week and busy week. It’s almost November already. So crazy. Looking forward to Movember and all the moustaches that will be floating around. I love facial hair and a good mo. SO manly.  I’m a judge at the Toronto Movember Gala at the end of the month. I almost died last year, there were so many babes > see here. November 11th at Wrongbar is Raymi’s 10 Year Blog Anniversary. Really looking forward that. It’s gonna be a shit show of awesomeness.  If you/your client wanna sponsor, give away a prize or get your swag in the gift bags, lemme know by emailing me casie@casiestewart.com.

My wrist is really killing today. I wonder if it’s got to do with he damp weather. Yes Mum, I’ve got a castor oil compress on it. Lets hope it is better by the morning. Good thing I have incredible skills as mousing with either hand so I can still internet.
This is my life. SaaaaannaSAAAaaaaaaaa. Saa na saaaaaaaaa. 🙂

p.s. New song from friend Morgan Cameron Ross here!

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