canada raises the most money/has the most babes

Last night was a blast. I can’t believe how many good looking MO bro’s we have in our city. Ok let’s do this. Happy Friday and here are some fun photos 🙂

This one’s an Aussie import, Movember CEO Adam Garone. Total Babe.

Ladies & gentlemen, meet your judges: Keri & I were judging Best Mo in Character.

Did you know that Canada raises the most Movember money? WE ARE THE BEST.

Check out Sabrina (who by the way is on Twitter now as @itsbrownbarbie)

These are a couple of my fav costumes The bushwackers had a bunch of fans AND came with a slew of other recognizable WWF old timers. You would have loved it Dad.

Classic – always a pair of these kids.

I bet this guy knows how to have a good time. Ringmaster said these were his slaves.

Ron, Burgundy?

Goose. Asian one at that!!

Harry & Lloyd, also a classic. Did they even have Mo’s in the movie? Fun fact: My Dad’s name is Lloyd

Give me your jackets.

Then it was stage time and things got a weeee crazier…yes, that’s a bare bum Borat. Adam was like “Dude, get off stage, that’s gross”. Haha.

She was a bull. Love that idea.

That turkey won Ms. Movember Toronto. Can almost see ginger stache’s bush. Nice latex BTW.

And finally, Mr. Movember Toronto 2010 is…Black Hulk Hogan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at that moose nuckle. Heheheheh.

Mo Bro Anthony was doing a weather cast.

My Mo sistas @irieras & @itsbrownbarbie

Gooden, handsome.

MOtto for MOvember.

DJ KC in the haus. Looks good on me I reckon, ya?



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  2. November 30, 2010 / 4:34 am

    We killed it eh. And that DJ photo of you has legs, it’s the smirk that makes it.

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