finally found the magazine cover i was on in new zealand

This article ran last year after New Zealand Fashion Week about bloggers & how fashion’s front row is changing. I never did get a hard copy! The Tempo magazine is inside the NZ Herald that comes on weekends (I think!).

One of my cousins got it delivered to her house. How awesome is that? Her Canadian cuz gracing the pages of her mail. Would love to get back to NZ this year for NZFW. Air NZ isn’t the travel partner so that puts a wee damper in getting there. I had the best time last year. See my coverage here. If you click the image will take you to article on

Have an awesome day!

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Tech | Social Media Day -Toronto is one of most most social in the world.

I’d like to think I had something to do with that. I kid, I kid. We’re SO online and our  Social media Day meetup is SO BIG that Mashable wrote about us today. We Toronto peeps know how to have fun. Get social baby.

Props to Michael Nus & Dan Levy for putting this together. Last year I spoke about running the social media for MuchMusic & MTV Canada & this year I’m speaking about building a personal brand. Over 350 people are attending so it’s gonna, kinda a big deal. Wish Mum was here to see me in action. I’m sure someone will have on video.

Last year I was JUST getting into speaking and has my hands in my pockets the whole time. Won’t do that again. What am I going to wear? I should really have planned this out. Hope to meet some new peeps & will for sure see a bunch of familiar faces. Looking forward to it. If you have any questions, ask away!

The blog days are over.

I went to bed fuming last night. Blood was boiling. I never tell you when I get angry, I think I’m going to start. To be honest though, it doesn’t happen too often.

I had a few conversations with agencies & clients over the last few days that made me wonder what the hell I’m doing. Also made me wonder what the hell they are doing? I have heaps of PR friends in the city and I’m starting to wonder about those relationships. They’re in meetings coming up with all these expensive & fun campaigns for big name clients with the intent to do blogger outreach & connect with ‘top influencers’ but not putting any budget in the plan for that. Gimme a break.  Do you work for free? Why should we?

This morning I logged into WordPress (blog publishing platform), like I have done every day for years and had a different feeling about it. Last night after talking with Mum and friends, I didn’t know if I’d be back to publish today.  I didn’t feel like it.

Clearly, I am addicted to publishing and love writing so I’m back but I’m different.

Every morning I read Mashable on Flipboard via my ipad and this morning they published an article that touches on exactly what had my blood boiling yesterday.

How Social Media Is Changing Paid, Earned & Owned Media

Those in the marketing and agency world are privy to the buzzwords “paid,” “earned” and owned.” Traditionally, they stand for the different types of media and can be easily broken down like this:

  • Paid: Buying a 30-second Super Bowl spot
  • Earned: Coverage on Mashable
  • Owned: Your company’s website

You should read it, especially if you work in PR, media or are one of my wonderful friends at an agency who regularly ask me to share your product with my readers. I’m not singling out anyone and I love my PR friends but everyone is doing it and bloggers are being taken advantage of by doing work for pop, chips & booze. That ain’t currency.

“To some extent, everything that’s done by a media agency is paid media,” says Andrea Wolinetz, director of social media at PHD. “Whether it’s managing a Facebook Page or blogger outreach, people get paid for that work, so it always starts from a place of paid media.”

I decided yesterday that I should be more honest to my blog, to you, to myself. I have many opinions & will never run out of things to write, ever.

This Is My Life and as long as I’m living, my baby it’ll be.


is this the real life cause sometimes it feels like fantasy

Day started with Converse Fall preview.

I love me some Converse, been a fan my whole life. Thanks guys!

Raymi & I got sames.

Couple known fashion bloggers in there too. Hey Julio!

Raymi & I are a great team. Want to hire us to host/cover your awesome event? Email

Converse also hooked us up with backpacks which is awesome because yesterday I said I needed a backpack. Amazing eh?! I love life. Thank you universe!

Blog girl gang hangs are the best. A blog girl friend will always take your photo, knows how to work the camera & likes to have fun. Follow the Blondetourage here.

I did not write this.

WTF? Awesome. I love all Barbies.

Ditched the box & cruised down College in the sunshine. Next stop, Pepsi Showcase for NXNE at Sneaky Dee’s.

Hi Mr. Bunning, nice to see you as always.

These onion rings saved me. Grease, ILU.

Cutest little outfit. Be prepared to see it heaps this summer. Sailor Casie FTW.

SO many fun nights here. Nice to be there during the day & sober.

I can totally see myself driving a mini.

The day ain’t over kids. Extra drink ticket for later. Moohaha.

Next stop, back to the Hyatt for some NXNEi. Let’s get interactive.  Exhausted face.

Some of my peeps in this video about empowering influence. Hi guys!

There she is, O’Nizzle fo shizzle.

Stoked to take these babies out for a stroll.

Tonight I’m seeing Kovak at the El Mocambo 10pm, yay NXNE. Tomorrow I’ll be at Interactive in the AM and have I an audition in the afternoon. Big week guys, big week!

BHD SUITES: bands + brands + bloggers

This week is so exciting. I’ve got events every night, all kinds of fun stuff each day and NXNE & MMVA to cap off the weekend.

The Broken Heel Diaries magazine is hosting a gifting lounge MMVA weekend and I’m one of their bloggers.

I’ll be working with the BHD team & awesome bloggers  Coco&Lowe , HustleGRLJayStrut and Marcus Troy. Woo hoo!


Have you ever been to a gifting lounge? It’s totally awesome. Last year at TIFF was my first time and it’s like your birthday. Hair, nails, clothes, games, makeup, shoes, products galore. You get hooked up with stuff from cool companies. Some of the brands are Bench, Converse, Toms, Jeffrey Campbell.

Stay tuned on how you can win a ticket to attend BHD SUITES June 18. Gonna be  real FUN 🙂


1. We’re funny. 2. Can’t wait to get my new Macbook for HOURS of fun like this. Enjoy!