what have you done for me lately? ooooh ya

I’ve never taken a red eye before but whoa. I took some sleepy time pills last night at 11pm as we were leaving LA, woke up as we were in final descent to Toronto after sleeping the  entire five hour trip. The last couple days travelling YYZ>LAX>DFW>LAX>YYZ really tuckered me out. Hibernating all weekend.

Can’t wait for my trip to San Juan next week. Talk about fun in the sun! Might even leave my computer at home and just take ipad & phone.

This weekend I’m putting together a week’s worth of posts with goodies for you. Photos from the Virgin America event in Dallas coming soon. It was really fun and I met so many awesome people.


* fav hat from H&M, Yoga jeans from Shop Girls Gallery Boutique

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