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The Blondetourage! Blonde blogging babes Keri & Lauren.
The Art of Marketing yesterday was really great. I enjoyed the speakers. Each one made their presentation very personal to the room and to Canada. Gary, Jeffrey and Guy were my favourite. It was a pretty rad day.
I was interviewed by The Biz Media & My City Lives for the event video.

We like to blooooooooooog. (That’s how you say it right Keri Blog? ;))

Keri & I crashed the Mining Conference. Cruised riiiiight pas security. You are gonna see more of this. I live right next door. I have no idea why I am not crashing more conferences. If you know one I should attend, LMK.

We lingered behind this set and were on BNN. Did you see us?

It was so sunny & pretty out. Oh, how I so love sun.

Then I saw this unit penix Fenix. I was hoping to Chilean Miners were there for autographs and photos.
Are they still famous? Maybe their run is over and they have gone back to work now. Quite a structure though. OMG I would not like to be a miner, I’ve never been in a mine have a I Mum, Dad? What about the Sudbury one?

Then is was timne for Guy Kawasaki‘s talk to close out the day of TAOM. I snagged a VIP seat up front w/ Michael.

Look, GUY.

He talked about how to be enchanting. I was waiting for my photo to show up in the presentation.

He was really nice.  I reckon if we had a lunch we would get along great. Gary too. Jeffrey from Kodak  (behind Michael below) seemed like a rad dude also, he smiled at me when I passed him. OMG fan girl.

Ok now for the Bieber part. Guy’s daughter loves the Biebs so he asked if anyone had a Bieber connection. Having one, I totally emailed him then tweeted this:

At the end of the conference the host was thanking Guy on STAGE and said he was following the hashtag and Casie stewart has emailed him with a Bieber connection. It was great, especially cause I knew so many peeps there. Got a couple people coming up to me after including a guy from a private jet company who charters flights. He did one for Kevin O’Leary last week. Hey, I was hanging out with Kevin last week too. Wow this world is like a wee marble small.

Guy Kawasaki emailed me back last night thanking me for trying and asked for my address so he can send me his new book Enchanting. I’m tired of saying it but…WINNING.

Today is a busy day. I like to be busy but I also like to be at home on the computer all day so I can get things done. Getting my hair done tonight w/ Darren Kwik Studio. Have a crew from the W Network coming by tomorrow to shoot me auditioning for Come Dine with Me Canada. That should be fun, I have to cook something. Haha.

Have a totally wicked awesome day.

(formatting on this post is wierd i know, have to look into that later in the day!)
P.S. Richard Fabregui spotted in the L’Oreal ad in the April Flare magazine. He blogged some photos from Love a Heart last month. See here on Toronto is Fashion.


  1. March 8, 2011 / 8:07 pm

    First picture caption: Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses multiply by three in Toronto.

  2. March 8, 2011 / 11:39 pm

    Damn your camera is way better than mine.

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