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Last week I did a shoot with FAJO Magazine for a feature on Toronto fashion bloggers called ‘10 Items, 5 Bloggers, 1 City“. They also talked to JayAnitaLeesa and Backseat Stylers blogger Sharon.  They asked me all kinds of questions about blogging and photographed me with ten of my fav items from my own closet. Photos were taken Allen Gardens conservatory. I’d never been there and recently found out it’s open all year. I’m deff gonna pop by this winter to get past the winter blues. Being around all the flowers & greenery is so beautiful! Photo credit to Kareen Mallon.

Kate & I went to the launch of Dance  Central 2 the other day & High Road posted this vid today. Runner up in the contest was ME and I now have a Kinect too. Gonna play some tonight. It’s a really good workout for lazy people.

Must go outside and get some sunshine. I have a mega clean to do tonight. My whole house is covered in glitter, blood, costumes and wigs. I love Halloween, might have gone harer than ever this year. Five parties & costumes in four days. It was wonderful 🙂

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Kate sent this to me this morning and said it reminded her of us. We both love Gubler too. I had a lunch interview with a lovely journo today who writes for a major Canadian magazine about personal brands, social media & my job. It’s interesting that the idea of a ‘personal branding’ has become so popular, a term that wasn’t used nearly as much five years ago. I always get asked in interviews “where do you see yourself in five years?”, a question I can’t really answer. I like to say ‘happy and with money in the bank”. I dreamed about doing what I do now, I thought about how great it would feel to work from home and travel and make my own hours, be in ads, host sponsored events and get lots of stuff in the mail. I dreamed about it and I really believe thoughts become things and when you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. I didn’t blog much this weekend or take many photos. Yesterday I had a nice brekky with Barbie & Sammy at the Fox on Fort York. Sam & I walked around in the sunshine for the afternoon & checked out ‘no car Kensington’ as he likes to call it. There was heaps to see and photograph but I didn’t feel like being a ‘blogger’. I soaked up the experience and sunshine and it was lovely. Went to see Sheldon’s drag show at Woody’s in the Village last night. Hung out with a whole bunch of hot Aussie boys, it was great. Tonight heading to Underground Cinema for Rocky Horror then Baby Huey’s (Elliott is DJing).

Hope you’re having an awesome day. Coming up next, costume wrap-up!

See you in Austin! #SXSWi

Digging Skeet Skeet’s P.U.K. mix by FTP. Fitting for today ’cause I’m feeling PUMPED UP! Reminds me, Mum learned “LOL IRL” yesterday and was like “ooh, I like that.” haha enough acronyms yet? NBD.

Pumped Up Kicks (Skeet Skeet Remix) by Mikemusichealth

2011 Notable Awards Nominee – Best Personal Brand

There were hundreds of notable nominations from young professionals all across Canada and…drumroll please…We’re  in the finals! 

It would be so cool to win this and I would love your vote.


Congrats to the other finalists in the category especially friends Anna, Chrissy & Marcelo.  (Cheers to Reiha for this collage she made it for a contest I had earlier this year!)

All nominee’s were nominated & chosen by how they personified what it means to live a 360-degree, well-balanced young professional life. The Judging Panel consists of senior level exec’s from some of Canada’s largest companies.

This is what they’re looking at:

1) Dedication to Career and Professional and Personal Development,
2) Charity and Community Support, Inspiring Co-workers,
3) Employers, and Community, and finally
4) Number of Votes FROM YOU!

If you need some motivation/inspiration/entertainment, here’s a list of things that’ve been part of brand building over the last two years:

Dear Boss,

I’d like thank you for how much I’ve grown working with you over the past six years. Your consistent hustle day in and day out has taken us around the world together and opened up possibilites that were once only real in your dreams.

I started out part time but you gave me more attention as the years went by, allowing me to flourish into something that is full of excitement, culture and passion. I’m excited about where we will go together. I know it isn’t easy running your own business and sometimes you don’t feel like it, but I believe in you. You have shown many people that when you put your mind to something you can achieve anything, any for that, I am thankful. I am an extension of you and when you look back many years from now I hope you feel proud of us.

Keep up the good work and go get yourself a manicure. My treat! - Today's the day to celebrate that rare boss who doesn't suck.

I won a car live on YouTube, not even kidding.

 Remember how I was like “Come to YD Square, first live event ever” blah blah blah. Well, let this be your lesson that you should listen to me more often.

 Well, I went and test drove the new Chevy Volt during the #chevroletallday event. It’s electric and was really quiet & smooth to drive, had some kick too.


Keri drove too. She’s a really good driver.

Cute graffiti artist boy who was part of my Arm Yourself event at YD Square last year was there.

This guy 🙂 Still cute.

Three finalists who answered their phones after txting in were called up on stage.

First up, didn’t start the car, next was me, my key started it. OH MY GAWDDDD. Check me out in my new Chevy Sonic. It’s small & cute which is exactly what I would want if I was going to get a car. I’m really excited to roadtrip!

Me & the lovely Peter Cornu, Manager of Special Events for General Motors of Canada. Hey Peter, let’s work together!

I’m in shock that I won and all kinds of grown up questions are coming at me from everyone. I don’t know If I can take a buy out, I have no idea about insurance, I don’t think it’s a lease,  yes I want sunroof, no I can’t come pick you up yet, and I think I get it soon. OMFG I WON A CAR. For SURE getting a lotto ticket for tonight. If I win lotto you can go ahead & hate me but I promise to do good with the money 🙂


[all photos (except the cute grafitti guy from last year) taken October 4, 2011  by Richard Budman for Chevrolet Canada