Power of Women Event in Toronto @ MTCC

Good morning from MTCC! I’ll be adding updates to this post today. Got the full speaker list and super exited for the day’s events. Follow my Tweets @POWlive for what’s happening and inspiring quotes from speakers & guests.

Looking forward to sharing with you!

So many women here, about 4000+!

As I post this the auditorium is filling up. Lots of smiles & laughs in the crowd. There are about 4000+ women here!

Lots of giveaways & goodies for the attendees. The list of prizes is awesome!

The book buying station is full of things to inspire & enlighten your life.

Excited to hear Susanne speak. She has written SO MANY books!

Reckon I’d like to read Ellen’s book. So excited for Ellen’s talk.

Speakers view from the stage. Today is exciting 🙂

Don’t stop believin’, ever.

Thanks Amex for a great night. Journey was awesome live. A night to remember with a bunch of really good people. We got the star treatment from start to finish. Amex has been a good friend, remember last year’s Amex Canvas event when I won my lovely iPad Andy? Won tickets to Ke$ha last night too. Thanks team!  Gotta work my way up to a Gold card. Hint hint 😉

Private dinner was in this lovely area on the water.

Thanks for this little guy. Now all I need is a trip & new luggage to match!

Short & sweet preso about the new Amex Gold Rewards Card. Lots of features, points & perks. Check out all the deets here.

Tweet wall was done really well. Put photos up with Tweets. Nice to see you Breanna!

Rannie was out photog. Love this pic.

Lamb, chicken, beef, bacon. Yeah. Yum.

Mega VIP, drink tickets, food. So awesome. Mucho gracias.

Motorola DEFY, glasses from New Zealand, tasty treats. Brownie was divine.

Eva your hair looked gorgeous. I wanna braid Sammy’s like that!

Louisa from She Does the City, new BFF.


Anyone know what band was playing on top of the Amex Lounge?

I met Erica Ehm aka Yummy Mummy Club & her lovely husband. She Tweeted our pic and said “here comes trouble“. She was very nice and I told her how I loved her on MuchMusic when I was a kid 🙂

Neat to Molson Amp. it so full them magically empty in a flash.

The end.

Panel on Panels at MaRS in Toronto

Last night’s panel discussion on panel discussions (meta) went really well. I was happy to chat a few people after who said they really learned something. Thanks to Johnny Bunning aka @emanintdot for snapping this photos of us. I forgot to get someone to take a few shots. Doh!

I love sharing things I’ve learned over the past few years. I’ve learned heaps about blogging, the social web and building your personal brand. I’ve been invited to speak at the She’s Connected Conference in the Fall that brings together all kinda of females in business. Hope to speak at more conferences in the coming year. I’m a natural on stage!

Although I love vacation, I really love working and it’s great to be back at my home office. It’s been a busy day with lots of phone calls. Planning some cool stuff for the next month. I wanna get in as many things as I can before the summer is over. I love this heat too. No chance of complaints from this lady!

I watched this again and I feel like Optimism Girl today. If you’re not smiling, you will be after you watch this. Enjoy the day 🙂

Canada’s Cutest Bloggers

Fans waving in the background. Best outfit ever.

Here we go. Canada’s Cutest Bloggers, get ready for it.

Keri, Chief Security babe of the Internet.

HELLO BLONDETOURAGE. We all blog too. L-R Lauren, Casie, Raymi, Keri, Carly. Click each name to follow the Blondetourage on Twitter.

We’ve we update the internet every day and only do things that are awesome.

Raymi did a burlesque number to Florence & The Machine. Posted some pix in this album. You might wanna check those from home FYI.

We were celebrating the launch of Kristen’s online stoke Hate & Heartbreak: Clothing for the bruised and broken.

She is also a blonde blogging babe. So cute.

They have a contest @H8NHRTBRK.

Cutie Shannon blogs too.

So good to have Carly back in town. Missed you ♥

Nice hair blogging blowing in the wind.

He went to Elite today. They want him to model but he’s Australian & not staying here so it’s a no go. Too bad. I had him practice for me.

Home time. Outfits were a hit. You will see more of them before Summer is over. I wish I had one of these things for each of the girls. It would be deadly.

P.S. Lauren is giving away a printer! Her unboxing video is awesome.  I have an HP unit for you this week too. Stay tuned!

if you missed it here it is.

Remember how I’ve been saying I wanna be on TV for the last few weeks (months)…
9ohzwy on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Mum ring me early this morning all excited after watching it online. Ben referred to me as “famed blogger Casie Stewart”.  Head explode! Name was spelled “Casey” for a second at the start but said they will make sure it’s fixed next time. There WILL be a next time. SM Expert FTW.

I love TV and the internet. Watch it here on CTV: Social media & the Royals.

today in blog news – i updated!

I updated to the new WordPress 3.2. The way it looks when I type before I publish is a bit different, I hear there are a few other new things too. It’s more like writing a document now. I feel like a reporter.

I am reporting life of/on/in the internet.

eTalk called me a Social Media Expert last night.  No argument.  I’m happy with how it went. Will post soon for Mum & anyone else outside Canada or doesn’t have TV.  The host Ben referred to me as “Stewart” and after calling me “famed blogger” they put my site on screen National TV. HI CANADA!

I was using webOS on a new HP tablet. A bunch of people were them at an HP Blogger event last night.  I am still using iPad. My friend the CellGuru thinks I’ll learn to love HP’s TouchPad better. I dunno, we’ll see.

Y’all know Andy is my iPad boyfriend.  One of the reasons I love him is because he has so many apps. We have heaps of fun together on Flipboard, Twitter, signing Autographs, watching Netflix, playing games. I can’t see myself without him and I don’t know if I’m ready to date anyone else.

I’m planning to clean my desk this weekend. I do not like having a messy work area. It clouds my head trapping my thoughts from getting through my fingers to the screen.

I’ve been saving these gifts to treat myself.

These need to be dealt with.

These need to be played with.

Tonight I’m heading to the Spoke Club for Mark’s fall preview. Picked out some really great items from Mark’s last year before I went to NZFW. Impressed with how well they’ve washed, worn & stood up to my busy lifestyle.

Remember: You are younger today than you will ever be again so make the most of it and do something worth remembering.