Day 503: Bloom with D Luxe Lab in Yorkville

My friend invited me to stop into the re-opening of D Luxe Lab, a premier cosmetic treatment clinic located in the heart of Yorkville. It’s absolutely beautiful!

I sat down for a chat with the female founder, Dema Najjar scroll down for my interview with her. Dema is an immigrant to Canada from Syria and a graduate of Rotman Business School’s MBA program, alongside many other talents. I had a consultation followed by treatment with Dr. Basil.

I’m very happy with the results, workin’ to keep my face looking rested and refreshed!

As a female immigrant in Canada, how did you best prepare yourself for becoming a business owner?

I moved to Canada with the intention of establishing a connection with Canadian culture and community. I completed an Executive MBA at Rotman School of Business and then integrated the Canadian work force. I spent 5 years working in the financial industry at MCAP, which allowed me to build and expand my knowledge base of this industry, as well as to grant me exposure to meet new and different people.

From this, I was able to better understand Canadian culture and experience daily life as a Canadian. Through my work with MCAP, I gained valuable insight into agreements and deal-making, which encouraged me to pursue a Global Professional Masters of Laws at U of T. 

During the past ten years in Canada, I have had the chance to work in finance, marketing and accounting, and through my network, I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to many wonderful people who have encouraged me along the way.

A couple of years ago, I took a step back and began thinking of how I could combine my Canadian experience with that of my family’s in Syria. After evaluating the cosmetic beauty industry market and establishing that it was the right time for me to enter this market, I took the giant step in pursuing my passion.

I wanted to bring something new to the industry and ensure that I would be adding value to the client’s experience.

Did you always want to be in the beauty industry?

Yes! Growing up, I had a lot of exposure to the industry because of my family, however, when I moved to Canada, working in the cosmetic beauty industry wasn’t an option from the very start. I needed to first familiarize myself with Canadian lifestyle, culture, rules and regulations.

It has always been my passion to work in the medical cosmetic beauty industry, but I needed to wait until I was more established in Canada to start my entrepreneurship journey.

How is D Luxe Lab is different from other medi-spas in Toronto?

Throughout my studies and while working in Canada, I noticed that Canadians really work hard to maintain and focus on health, wealth, and education. Generally, I have noticed that the cosmetic beauty industry is undermined in that people feel that if they have a procedure done, it will change their appearance.

We all like who we are and we want to remain true to ourselves, but ageing is a factor. Just like we maintain our health, wealth and education, it is important to maintain our appearance to age gracefully.

When individuals seek out the appropriate treatments at the right time, they are able to ensure that the age process is smooth. The customer experience and journey at D Luxe Lab is quite different from elsewhere. We have put together the best team who is very welcoming of anyone who walks through our doors and we strive to provide the ultimate customer experience, and the environment through the use of our state of the art technology. No issue is too small for us to handle and our goal is for our clients to always feel like they are welcome in our Lab.

Do you feel COVID-19 has affected the way people view themselves?

Yes, definitely. The upside to COVID-19 is that people have more free time to research, learn, and educate themselves on the different aesthetic treatments available to achieve a certain look. We are seeing a great demand for rejuvenation. In fact, the demand for the Medical Cosmetic Beauty Industry skyrocketed in 2020 and we are seeing a similar trend into 2021.

This is a direct result of the way in which we now use technology to communicate on a daily basis, and it has only emphasised our desire to want to present ourselves in a certain way.

What are the most popular treatments right now?

Since we are in the middle of summer, people are looking for solutions that give them instant results. Neuromodulators and injectables are in high demand, as well as IPL skin resurfacing, and stretch mark removal.

Check out for more info or to make an appointment.

You’ll be happy you did.