Errrryday I’m tumblring | Leave Yours in the Comments!

Errrryday I’m tumblring | Leave Yours in the Comments!

Guys, I updated my tumblr. Omg. It’s been years. Started from the bottom now we here … at this new design. Do you have a tumblr too? Leave it in the comments so I CAN FOLLOW YOU home.


It just started raining and I didn’t bring an umbrella. I was meant to go to an event tonight but when I look outside and see the sky falling, all I wanna do it be on the couch with my computer (and BF lol). Some rain songs for you! Enjoy!






Hope your day is filled with love and chocolates and besties and flowers and sunshine. When I arrived home from my Justin Timberlake experience last night my amazingly wonderful BF Sean surprised me with roses, an über cute card, and jewellery from Vivienne Westwood. He knows me so well and always gets the most thoughtful gifts! ILU HONEY! ♥

Today Ryan Gosling showed up to give me a kiss! Straight from the Internet. Lucky girl!

We had tacos for lunch at work and XOXO cakes !


Chocolates delivery from Motorola! Obvs shared w/ workmates.


House of Cards IS BACK! Netflix sent me a love note and candy hearts that are House of Cards. Love!



Much love from the Internet across the world wide web from my heart to yours.


* top photo by the ever so talented Becca Lemire!

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Love Is in Air, The Freezing Cold Air

Love Is in Air, The Freezing Cold Air


Love is in the air this week! I adore Valentines Day mostly because hearts are my fav print, flowers, cinnamon hearts, and presents. Last year my bf surprised me with a gift from Tiffany’s and I’ve been wearing it since. Nothing really planned this year bc Sean is shooting a commercial this weekend and I’m shooting a new YouTube series I’m in with Cuisinart.

Snapped these on my way into the office w/ GoPro this morning. When is it every going to get warm? I’m so sick of winter. Photos with rose filters and hearts seem to brighten things up.



Gloves/Glasses – ALDO,  Hat Parkhurst,  Coat/Shoes – Nasty Gal, Pants – Express 


Hope your day is good. Here’s some love songs for you 🙂


I’m Not Crying, It’s Just SNOWING ON MY FACE!

I’m Not Crying, It’s Just SNOWING ON MY FACE!


Gah. Today is like the maddest winter blizzardy day we’ve had YET! It’s snowing like cats and dogs everywhere. I tried to make it look pretty with my little pink coat from NastyGal and GoPro but I feel there is almost nothing a girl can do in weather like this.


Look at my hair when I got to work…. urgh! WTF is this?



Well, that’s all for now. Stay safe out there yo!




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Summer I Miss You, My Love.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.01.04 PM

I can’t stop thinking about summer. I need to get my a$$ to hot yoga or something. I’m not sure WHAT it is but I’ve been feeling so blarghhhh the last few days. Spent a few hours getting pampered on the weekend followed by a day of relaxation w/ my one true love then BAM I was sick on Monday. Gimme a break!

Thinking Sean and I might hop over to Jamaica or somewhere hot next month. I’m dying to feel the sun on my face and salty ocean water on my skin. My few days off work last week were nice but I was still so connected to the Internet (and work) that it wasn’t really much of a break. You know what I mean? I feel like I need a ‘real vacation’ a digital detox.

In other news, Valentines Day is coming up and we’ve not really got anything planned. I’d like to have a nice dinner and get a good sleep. I’m old now, lol. Last year I was surprised with a bracelet from Tiffany’s and he made me bacon hearts. It was perfect.

I have a few giveaways for things for you coming up over the next few days. Urgh, just saw we are getting more snow tonight. ENOUGH ALREADY, ENOUGH! Looks like I’ll be hibernating all week AGAIN!

With love, CASIE <3



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Scandinave Spa Getaway for Two

Scandinave Spa Getaway for Two


Scandinave is a great spa tucked away in the woods at Blue Mountain. They’re got all the spa services of any other place but with the addition of Scandinavian Bath nature spa experience. The renowned Scandinavian Baths include a Finnish Sauna, Eucalyptus Steam Room, Thermal & Nordic Waterfalls, Hot Baths, Cold Plunges & relaxation areas.





I’ve been here before but this time it was REALLY COLD. It’s a great place to visit but I’d advise against going in a Polar Vortex.  Sean and I braved the blowing wind for about 45 minuted. In less brutal conditions, people stay for 2-3 hours.





The roads driving back to the city were pretty gnarly. The snow banks were as high as the car and snow was blowing all over the place. Coming back to the city brought on a wave of traffic and city stress.


I’m ready to book a vacation somewhere HOT!


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