How can I be more grateful for the love & abundance around me and share it with the world?


Went to this lovely little diner for breakfast today. It’s in Newton called Johnny’s Luncheonette, they have awesome latkes & matzo balls and all kinds of other good stuff. Been top of the ‘Best in Boston’ lists for years.


I had the most divine sampler with crunchy toast, french toast, bacon, sausage, eggs and strawberries all topped off with icing sugar and a cup of maple syrup. It’s been a few hours and I’m still full.


It was really sunny.


Title of this post is from a photo I saw of something in Courtney Love’s West Village Townhouse. She’s a contributing editor to XO Jane and the photos & captions done by Jane are simply beautiful. See it here.

I think I will live in New York at least once.

This weekend has been a wonderfully chilled out break from the first 20 days of the year traveling to and from parties and conferences in Toronto, Detroit & Vegas. I’m at my friends house for a couple hours, their backyard is like a winter wonderland forrest.

Ellen and I are doing a yoga class in about an hour. She’s a yoga teacher but were going to a new studio. After class we head back to the house for BBQ steak dinner. I’m back to Toronto tomorrow afternoon and will be happily at home for a few weeks. Yay!


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