Refuel those Batteries Girl, Relax, Recharge

Refuel those Batteries Girl, Relax, Recharge

Started the day w/ brunch & shopping at The Drake Hotel for TFI’s Guilty Pleasures.


Nice to see the Killigrew boys. Love those guys. They have heaps of new items in their collection. Cardigans, sweaters. They’re also adding jammies and pants. Check ’em out at



Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 11.39.56 AM

Picked up some sweet handmade fortune rings. Good luck for Year of the Horse I hope!


Had a lovely afternoon at Sekai Nail & Beauty Bar. My 90 min massage was great and followed by manicure & pedicure. Went for an electric sapphire blue on my nails, I usually only get red or black. Change is good!

Tried my first Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks, I see now why so popular. Super sweet but delicious. It was crazy snowy so, after my relaxing afternoon out I retreated to our house and stayed in for the night.


Posted heaps on Tumblr and Pinterest. Started watching the Kevin Bacon series ‘The Following’ on Netflix. It’s about s serial killer, like a really long episode of Criminal Minds kinda. So far, good!



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And just like that…we’re back to work.

And just like that…we’re back to work.

4-up on 2014-01-30 at 9.31 AM

Oh hai. Back to work. It’s cold. Stress hits you like a ton of bricks the second you get back to this wIld city! We ran into a bunch of road closures trying to leave Collingwood and then there was a gunman on the loose in my work/home neighbourhood. Traffic was insane. Sean had a late meeting to get to. It’s amazing how a few days of relaxation can just evaporate witht the hustle and bustle of city life. I long for the days when I used to live in Australia and the beach + surf was my sanctuary.

In other news, I have a package from NastyGal (with shoes!) at the Postie and my new glasses from Warby Parker arrive today. Booked a 90 min massage + pedicure for Saturday morning so countdown to the weekend is on. I really hope Spring comes early this year, Winter has been a real B*TCH THIS YEAR! 🙂


P.S. Have some Valentines Day giveaways coming up next week for youuuuuuuuuuu! ♥


Travel | Ontario Winter Vacation at Blue Mountain Ski Resort


I’ve spent the last 24 hours in our little chalet tucked away in the woods. Later this afternoon we checkin to our next destination, The Westin at Blue. Looking forward to skating on the pond later and swimming the heated outdoor pool. I love vacation! It’s been ages since I had a nice relaxing Ontario winter vacation.

Winter vacations aren’t for everyone and I know a lot of people who would rather sunbathe on a nice hot beach but there’s something so peaceful about relaxing in a white winter wonderland. Different people love a nice snowy holiday for different reasons too. Some love to take their all mountain ski and bomb down a slope, others (like me) like to have a relaxing holiday of chilling in heated pools and hot chocolate, and others use the cold as an excuse to drink lots because it will “keep me warm!”

Although, it doesn’t matter what your reason for the holiday is, as long as you have fun!


We woke up to a whole bunch of fresh show. It’s quite cold and windy. Perfect weather to hibernate and enjoy the scenery. The only sound out here is my boots crunching in the snow with each step.





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Positivity Tuesday! Yeah! Right Here!

Positivity Tuesday! Yeah! Right Here!


Shake it out. Don’t let this weather get you down. Perk up that attitude and throw the bad one in the garbage. It’s heavy. Find a slice of sunshine and soak it up on your face. Wear sunscreen. Put on a smile and greet the world. This is your life, your movie, you are the director!  Is it is a comedy, a romance,  a documentary about success? YOU DECIDE.


Don't forget, the universe if listening.



Positivity baby! 


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The Weekend was Made for Lovers

The Weekend was Made for Lovers



Had a lovely sunday afternoon w/ Sean. Went to the TIFF Bell Lightbox. Had a nice lunch at the Dog & Bear on Queen. This is the “stop taking my photo” face. Ha, anyone who has dated a blogger just has to deal with certain things like taking their photo, having their photo taken, or holding their stuff. Love you for it though!


The tacos at Dog & Bear are sooooo good. The whole menu is splendid TBH.


Walked Otis, the much loved Italian Greyhound at the 1188 Studio. Sometimes I think a puppy would be ok to have but then I walk someone else’s dog and it dog slobbers on me, gets hair on my outfit, or goes to the bathroom on the floor and I take it all back. No dog for me. Deff no cats either!



Next weekend we head up North for 5 days of snow hills, spas, and our very own two bedroom suite at Blue Mountain. It’s a winter min-break just like Bridget and Marc Darcy! Except snowboarding and none of the other people lol. Can’t wait!

The Weekend was Made for Lovers,



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Living Young and Wild and Free

Living Young and Wild and Free



Took my coat off to snap some pix and those dang birds were flocking above my head.

Added some cats as protection. You suck birds!


This is me ice dancing. It’s super slippery out there!



Oh y’know, just L-I-V-I-N.


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