Sun Day




It’s incredibly beautiful & sunny on the lake today.


Tuesday night I went to the SS 2012 preview for Mark’s. I’m always impressed with the style. I’m looking to get a few nice dress shirts & cardigans before summer (who’s growing up nowwwwww?!). There is a rose cardigan that matches my rose tattoo I must have. I’ll have some pix from the lookbook soon. Honestly though, go to a Mark’s store, you will be surprised!


Finally went into CB2 design on Queen. I was in Boston or Vegas so I missed the launch party. Beautiful shop. Love how they left the exposed brick from the Big Bop and the classic sign. I feel like it was just yesterday I was hanging out there for bands & fetish parties.


New Instagram stickers arrived from Printstagram yesterday. Thanks Bob for shipping from Boston via China. Stickers with shipping to Canada come to $20 which you can pay with PayPal. This is my second round, I simple love the little things.


Stopp by to visit my girls at Doll Bar. Have you been there before? It’s a lovely place. I really want to get extensions but my hair isn’t long enough yet. I’m having an inner conflict over do I cut it or do I grow it?


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