We’re second best in the world! Embrace Winter!

Toronto’s been named second best city in the world! The big apple took the cake for first place but hey, it’s NEW YORK. Read it here in the Globe & Mail.


We had a mini blizzard in Toronto today. When I say ‘we’ I mean Toronto and not the kind of blizzard you get from Dairy Queen! Brrrrr.

Took this pano from the balcony just before sunset.


The weather was really moody today all up, down, angry, then the sun finally came out. I felt a bit like that too. This video is down by the lake when I was almost BLOWN OVER.



Stopped by the beach in the afternoon. No really, I went to the urban beach even though it was FREEEEZING.  Sand & snow!


Embrace winter!


I love how the boats look, pretty, peaceful and cold. I have so man memories from this spot.


Hung out at CTS with Emma in the afternoon and she dressed me in a full leather outfit.


Decided to walk back from my meeting to get some fresh air.


Hanging out with these guys tonight.


These are my favourite chocolate treats if you are wondering what to get me for valentines.


In celebration of Toronto’s awesomeness and being one of the BEST CITIES to live in here’s a lovely tune from GTA cool kids Walk Off the Earth called ‘Corner of Queen’. Queen Street FTW!


  1. January 20, 2012 / 2:54 am

    edit the time of this comment at will 😉

    no one else bothers to blog these moments, the in-between “mundane” which is why you rule. simple as that. xo

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