Cougar Boots from Matchstick

This post is waaaaaay overdue…. Cougar & Matchstick sent boots way back in September but the weather was so lovely and warm I didn’t bust them out for months. And well, there’s no way for me to review something if I haven’t really given it a try! Now that winter is here I’ve been wearing them and they’re quite lovely. Leather & suede outer, slight heel and comfy to walk in. They’re not the warmest I’ve ever worn but luckily it hasn’t been THAT cold.

Here’s me doing a little dance last time I got my hair done! You can get Cougar Boots at The Bay, SoftMoc, Sears or online at (Beware their site has auto music!)

Stay warm out there!

* For mega warm boots for your tootsie toes check out my posts on Moovboots!

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