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About a month ago I got this jacket from Faded Soul online. I love it. It’s got a cool shape, nice front pockets, has a big hood, and fits like a poncho. I creeped online to learn it’s from European brand Napajuri. They have a really cute campaign with a couple travelling across Europe in the clothes. People get to vote on what they do on the journey. I want to BE IN this campaign. It’s so cute. She’s blonde too.

I’ve been asked where I got it so I checked and there are still more!  The site is fadedsoul.com and you can find it here. Mine is a size small. I think there might be a fur hood to add from what I see in photos.


Hat H&M, pants Yoga Jeans from ShopGirls, boots Sam Edelman, bag Nella Bella

Faded Soul is a new Canadian internet store that is owned by a friend of a friend. They have heaps of stuff for guys and girls. They’re on Facebook and Twitter too. Brock ordered some sweet John Varvatos shoes and posted photos here.

I was immediatley attracted to this other brand I’d never heard of called ‘Blondes make Better T-Shirts’. The shirts are, well, blonde and fun. I got the ‘Skinny’ and ‘Pull’. Tres cute.


Last week I was sent this striped ballet shrug from Ch*arms. I wasn’t sure what was arriving but once opened the package I knew these were gonna come in handy.  I also got set of sleeves that velcro to your bra strap for under short sleeve shirts. I wish I thought of this! They retail for $28 and can be purchased online at ch-armz.com.

I have some more fashion things to blog this week; new jeans, Ted Baker opening, Thomas Sabo project. Congrats again to Obama. I’ve been on his team for five years now. Doh, I should be out the door to work already! Byeeeeee.

Have an awesome day!


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