we take this halloween thing very seriously

Halloween is my fav time of year. Have I told you 1,000 times yet? Y’know the week before halloween right after after Zombie walk. It’s socially acceptable, I feel, to be in costume anytime this week. Not that being in costume any other day isn’t ok. Once I did a pub crawl as Wonder Woman. DRESSING UP IS AWESOME.

Today CTS is having a store party with DJ EL DEVINE (Elliott), candy, pumpkin carving and everyone dressed up. There’s a 50% coupon hid somewhere in the store too.  I don’t wok here but I AM the Mayor and have been for some time now.

Sammy carved this pumpkin himself. He’s a halloween virgin and last night was his first outing.

Elliott is also Australian, double Halloween VIRGINS! It’s a damn shame they don’t celebrate halloween down under. One reason I’m extremely glad my sister and I  grew up in Canada and not NZ. You can find Elliott at the Hoxton or somewhere Queen West drinking PBR.


Lucas is ALSO Australian!



Emma isn’t really preggers. When someone say here smoking there were DISGUSTED! haha

If you are around come by will here here chilling for a while! Elliot is playing god tunes all afternoon 🙂

Fashion: The Roaring Twenties

i’m thankful today and every day thereafter

Happy Tuesday and welcome to a short week. Really good last couple days.

Thanksgiving yesterday was the best. I’d say the trail hike by the river was my fav part (besides the food!). Mum & Steve put on the hugest dinner and it was so nice to have a massive group of family & friends together. Us kids had a great time 🙂

2pkG0w on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Heaps planned this week. Action packed and lots of work on the go. Need to sort out my car details too. I can’t believe I won a car last week. CRAZY! Hope your day is off to a great start.

Remember, you’re younger today than you will be again, make the most of it!

now that’s a pool party

I love this weekend. Mum has about 20 people coming tomorrow and five of us are going to be part of it. Cleaned the house today. The sunshine is beautiful. We are so luck to have this warm, bright weather.

Slumber party tonight then home in early afternoon.

Quite excited to see all the sisters together. Must not forget camera. I’ve packed up heaps of goodies to take home. I especially love bringing Mum a few things 😉

Found this dream boat while I was cleaning up.

Cashed this at the coin machine today in Liberty Village Metro, ended up with $60. So convenient. I will only ever roll coins for fun from now on.

When I was cleaning up I found this  old Globe & Mail article with my sister and I on the Society page. Was for the most epic pool party I’ve ever been to, Bridal Bash II.

We’re the “bikini clad blondes” who “commandeered a canoe” filled with vodka flasks who gave shots to the guests. Canoe was the best spot to see the concert, Burton Cummings & a girl from the Supreme’s.

Recognize any of these people? Prize if you can.

This track is the fav of the week on Bondi FM, my fav radio station in Australia. When I lived in Bondi and for the first few years after, I listened to it all the time. I go back & listen to remind myself of how happy feels.

Prince – Sexy MoFo (Ben Edits EdiTion) by benedituk

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Thank you for reading and I give you my love.

Here we go… TIFF get the party started

Feelin’ a little frazzled TBH but it’s manageable. Woke up early after dreaming about red carpets and celebrities. Had a 40 min call with client before 9am and I’m ready to rock. Gonna try make bids this week so I can take you along to fun stuff. Invites today arrived for Nikki Beach & Diet Coke parties by courier. Got new boots too!

This morning I’ve got an appointment at the Tastemakers Gifting Lounge, a photo shoot and then meeting Swarovski tonight. Strict time management is in order since I also have heaps of work to get done in between all the fun. Ordered new biz cards, get ’em tomorrow. Stickers are ready to go too. I can do this! #superhuman

Have an awesome day!

Diet Coke party invite #tiff11 on TwitpicNikki Beach invite #tiff11 on Twitpic


stella block party was a stellar block party, blog party.

Welcome to the party.

Please drink responsibly.

The lights were  my love of the night. More of this please. So pretty.

These shots are so tumblrey or hipster bride. If you are reading this and getting married (I know there’s a few!) and don’t know Hipster Bride yet, well, be thankful you are reading this now. It’s full of inspiration.

This one is cool.

Beautiful clear sky & bright moon tonight. I love this city. Reminded me a bit of the supermoon, that night was special.

Bit of a stalk party, cameras everywhere. I bet they make a wicked video from the night. Saw a couple videographers capturing moments in time. Look at that sky & view, so nice.

eWg56a on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Loved people walking by wondering what the heck this ‘pop up party’ was. Lights and music were in everyones eyes & ears. You couldn’t miss it. There was a lineup the entire night.

Youre alright but I’m heredarling, to enjoy the party.

Now THIS is cool. Never seen one of these before…

Say, wha? What’s a beer pumper? Oh yes, this is a beer pumper my friends.

Trexxx on the TAPS!

OMG YES! (Ok, wasn’t actually working but still cool.) Want that truck to put out MY fire ifyaknowhatimean.

Had a bunch of peeps I’ve never met IRL who read my blog come say HI. HI GUYS, nice meeting you! Truly great meeting people who read/love this blog and no it’s not creepy/weird when you say “Hi, my name is ____ and I read your blog/follow you Twitter/FB.” (Google+ would be kinda creepy though to be honest. Ha. Seriously.) Always say HI, I love it.

There were a ton of babes on the block. Seriously, babes everywhere.

Nice one Keri for winning the contest & getting to host the party downtown. You looked hot.

I saw that one babe from Wakestock last year but didn’t get to say hi. This one.

We had so much fun at wakestock last year, this post, uhhhh, such great memories. Meeting Flava Flav, hanging w/ Maestro, the Blondetourage. Summer is made for fun.

Button making station. Haven’t seen that one before. I love when people get creative. They also had a photobooth, poutine and ice cream. The Stella Girls were in these darling red dresses, bartenders looked nice too. Good job team.


The end.