the sun is at just the right angle over the moon

Good morning. Not hung over at all.

Whoa, craziest guy. Red beard, so weird. I think he was upset I took his photo. Probably thinks I took his soul or something. Oh, Queen Street.

God she was cute, blonde and red lipstick, suitcase, selling clothes in the park. I love it. She turned and smile at me right after this. Like attracts like, again. See looks like Agyness Deyn.

Sabrina and I did a social experiment and checked out three vastly different scenes. First stop, a singles event we got invited to. Not my thing but the girls outfits were cool.

This one was my fav.

Next stop, Prince Perry & the Gladstones CD release party on the roof at the Spoke Club. Much more up my scene alley.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, such nice artwork there right now. Just noticed this one.

A hot girl pulled us in while walking home. She reminded me of Terrie Hawkes (yes, she was that hot). She offered us shots from the bar at Brant House… ok, twist my arm.

Bad night for this guy, was on the floor and couldn’t stand up. There were lots of drunk people. I was sober when I arrived but that changed pretty quickly.

My camera broke, this is about the zillionth one I’ve ruined (bows head in shame and sighs). The steel case was already breaking and now the screen is cracked. Can still take photos just can’t see them right away. AH! Will make for some interesting shots I imagine.

Nap time!

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