my beaver’s name is _______. #canlit

I love you beaver.

Brock loves beaver too.

That’s a nice one.

Annual CanLit party last night. Note: does not have anything to do with reading.

Can you spot my date Mr. Belvedere hiding under the diet coke?

That beaver gets AROUND.

What should I do with it?

Oh to be that beaver.

What a GUY.

Kurt you are so good looking.

I am good looking too. haha

She really IS BFF’s with Oprah.

All class right here.

Akermanis glasses on me. Good job as DJ bro.


Dance par-tay.

Work it Sunta.

J. Edgar mid move.

Keri blog!

Not an exercise ball.

A balloon!

Omg sleeping Jon Crowley!

The end. All photos by Rannie aka @photojunkie, ALL are on Rannie’s site here.

I’m off to pick up my sis and go home to see Daddio. Bon weekend!

treat everyone like they’re your double rainbows

Today is Family Gay Day in Ontario, I love my family but I wil not be seeing them today in real life. Dad is tanning in Florida, Mum is rockin’ the boat in Bahamas and my sis is working. The rest of my family is in New Zealand. HI GUYS!!

In parts of Canada, Family Day is a statutory holiday occurring on the third Monday in February. … respectively. This corresponds with Presidents Day in the United States. [wiki]

Mum is living the dream right now, she’s in the Bahamas with her BF on their boat. I really wanna get out to visit her before May. Mum has alwasy beena big inspiration to me. She always encouraged me to be creative and embraced my unique ideas. THANKS MUM!

This is my Daddio, he’s in Florida with his GF right now. Dad builds hot rods, is a good cook, and has the BEST jokes. I have no idea how he always remmber them. You are really awes  awome Dad, ILU. Wear sunscreen.

When I saw the snow coming down last night I kept checking the window to see if there was a man out there with a shovel carving a message. I had a feeling I might wake up to something… I did.

“treat everyone like they’re your double rainbows”

This is me in that red canoe you can barely see in above photo shot by Erin Leydon this summer. She was shooting the Grammy’s last week.  I’m so looking forward to summer this year.

The park beside the Canoe is real pretty, designed by Doug Coupland and pays tribute to Terry Fox. Lots of bright colours.

I’m in awe with all the contest entries for the Motorola phone. Contest closes at 1pm. I totes need to think of a good idea for this week’s Freestyle Friday contest.

Each photo links to the creator. Check this beach/show photo! That’s dedication yo.

Shariya wrote a blog post about making this photo and the beach one. Check it here.

Got some love from R.S. a charming waitress at Real Sports.

This is a collage of mini photos of me. RAD!

This hot babe is Slinka, her and James (below) are Ego Assasin and they make really rad outfits out of latex. Hope to do some cool stuff with them this year.

Rarrrr. I got TWO shirts off entries for this contest, me thinks this idea is a WIN. Nice one James. Love the latex tie!

name that puppy

I recently had a chat with my good friend/hot babe musician Morgan Cameron Ross and asked him some questions. He’s a got a new album coming out and he just released the video for his new song “Let It Go”.

In the video the couple are trying to name their new puppy. I like “Winsome”.

Morgan has a contest on his FB Fan page. If suggest a name you can win a prize pack of Morgan stuff. Here’s some more info you won’t find about him anywhere else:

when is your next show? Saturday March 12th Supermarket, Toronto

what instruments you play? Guitar, Mandolin

cable or internet? Internet

currently reading? The Double by Jose Saramago

have any pets? Petunia Ross the stretchy cat and Cam Ross the pup.

what do you wanna be when you grow up? I want to continue being a songwriter.

canada raises the most money/has the most babes

Last night was a blast. I can’t believe how many good looking MO bro’s we have in our city. Ok let’s do this. Happy Friday and here are some fun photos 🙂

This one’s an Aussie import, Movember CEO Adam Garone. Total Babe.

Ladies & gentlemen, meet your judges: Keri & I were judging Best Mo in Character.

Did you know that Canada raises the most Movember money? WE ARE THE BEST.

Check out Sabrina (who by the way is on Twitter now as @itsbrownbarbie)

These are a couple of my fav costumes The bushwackers had a bunch of fans AND came with a slew of other recognizable WWF old timers. You would have loved it Dad.

Classic – always a pair of these kids.

I bet this guy knows how to have a good time. Ringmaster said these were his slaves.

Ron, Burgundy?

Goose. Asian one at that!!

Harry & Lloyd, also a classic. Did they even have Mo’s in the movie? Fun fact: My Dad’s name is Lloyd

Give me your jackets.

Then it was stage time and things got a weeee crazier…yes, that’s a bare bum Borat. Adam was like “Dude, get off stage, that’s gross”. Haha.

She was a bull. Love that idea.

That turkey won Ms. Movember Toronto. Can almost see ginger stache’s bush. Nice latex BTW.

And finally, Mr. Movember Toronto 2010 is…Black Hulk Hogan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at that moose nuckle. Heheheheh.

Mo Bro Anthony was doing a weather cast.

My Mo sistas @irieras & @itsbrownbarbie

Gooden, handsome.

MOtto for MOvember.

DJ KC in the haus. Looks good on me I reckon, ya?


every day is special if you make it so!

today was a full on day. scooted out to a meeting about a new project.

had lunch at this cute place called Bld on Toronto Street. like it there.

oh hai, lemme take this call while i take my own photo aka work.

walked by and say this guy remmebering. made me sad. i paused and thought about all the soldiers who have fought for our freedom and made the ultimate sacrifice, their lives.

i thought about grandad and grandpa and my family and mum and all the things that i’m grateful for. so many things. thank you for being part of my life.

this is nana and grandad and mum and my aunt & uncles. i bet grandad never thought he would be on the internet! amazing eh grandad?! love and miss you.

ok onto the next stop…

popped into  fashionably yours where i was most fabulously styled by jay strut for raymi’s 10 year anniversary party tonight at wrongbar.

so many great finds in there. it’s located at 632 queen street west west of bathurst. go there say HI to JANET and JAY for me when you do. they are lovely and nice.

oh what to wear?

i tried on some seriously lovely dresses.

it came down to the fuchsia betsy johnson or the little sequin french connection number. i look like a huge dork…i am. get used to it.

i want to walk in your shoes, yes yes i do.

one day i will have a boyfriend who can wear these shoes with style and look hot.

and the winner is…SEQUINS. kinda knew it, i love sequins so. probably all the years i spent wearing them as a young ballerina from the age of three for ten years that did it.

ok time to get ready for raymi’s party. see you on the dance floor! byeeeeeeeee!

i taught ’em both how to jane fonda

today was one of those days

it started out shitty

then it got better

andy and i joined darren for lunch and a patio beer. that’s amazing because it’s freaking november, it was only warm in the sun but in the sun it was warm and it was lovely.