the last weekend for parties before school

Good afternoon and welcome to the Annual BBQ. We would like to thank you for coming,  have  yourself a great time!

Oh hai there, I am an Impressionist painting. You can see a brilliant mix of colour, an artistic blur. Nice work.

No baseball for me. Bocce Ball. I was blue. Didn’t play a WHOLE game. Short attention span. I’ve got some pretty good skills at the old people sport of lawn bowling though. Why is lawn bowling not more popular? In Bondi, the cool kids would go to the club and drink/play lawn bowling on Sundays – well dressed and so badass.

Preparing for photos, “ok everyone get your drink, fix your shirt, hair etc….”

And a one, and a two, and a one-two-three-POSE!

I took about 15 photos in a row of Beans eating a delicious chocolate brownie. She looked so cute. I thought it would make a funny animated GIF. She did not think it was AS FUNNY as me.

Would you like a drink with your glass?

One of the best things about a work related event it you always know how you’re getting home (to the next party)….TAXI CHIT!!

I braided Sabrina’s hair and she braided the doggy’s. It was cute. Both girls sat there and let their hair get played with. I with my hair was long enough to get braided too.

The weekend has finally arrived and I’m spending the afternoon with my darling sister in the sun.  We’re going to Kid Rock tonight thanks to Subway!! Woot. Have an awesome day! xo

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