john butler is amazing

I was biking home on Monday night and stopped to the side of the road before crossing the street. I was feeling sad that day and then double sad I didn’t have a ticket to my favorite show.  My ringer was off but I reached for my phone to have a peek. Karrera was calling that exact minute and she had an extra ticket.

feeling artistic i was

I’ve seen John Butler in Toronto a few times since my first time in Sydney 2004. The crowd was so into this show and we all watched with amazement while sweating our asses off.  Good vibes in the air.

john butler 078

It’s his solo tour and I was thinking I would miss his long dreds and the stand up bass.

john butler 083

I didn’t, he over satisfied my need for good music.  I have so many videos and photos. The opening act was Nicky Bomba, also totally wicked and Australian.

Karrera is moving to BC today.  She had just gotten back that day from seeing all kinds of bands for a week at Rothbury Fest. ZAAmazing stories about Grateful Dead and Willie Nelson.  john trioI hadn’t seen Lisa Baker in ages, I miss her. We’ve all been friend since we were kiddios. Thought of her the day before when Now & Then came on before bed. Coincidence, no.

Ocean is my favorite song. I made about 5 videos while he was playing, the song is long and beautiful. There’s some more videos here.

If you’ve never heard of John Butler you should seriously go to Google right now and learn. He is amazing.

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