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Work, Work, Worker Bee, Babe Friday

Lots of work today. Busy office bee buzzing! I love having an espresso machine in the office! [View the story “Today on Twitter This Happened: ” on Storify] Today on Twitter This Happened: Storified by CASIE STEWART · Fri, Oct 05 2012 13:24:05 Mmm espresso! http://loopc.am/casiestewart/loops/mmm-espresso #LoopcamCASIE STEWART “@casiestewart: Sushi surprise! Via @alison_kaizer #lunch http://instagr.am/p/QaHuy4FJEP/” cutie!Alison Michelle Rung Mum at her office and she’s out picking flowers. What a gem. Can’t wait to head home for #Thanskgiving! https://casiestewart.com/thanksgiving/CASIE STEWART Thanks @MolsonCoorsCDA! Don’t mind this txt at ALL! Insider FTW! #Molson Beer Store @33 Carlingview Dr. open Mon 10-6! http://pic.twitter.com/evjMlWedCASIE STEWART Don’t be scared. It’s just that time of year. http://pic.twitter.com/prWE3nvHCASIE STEWART Watch all of this week’s vids from @casiestewart @shanleesimmons @SaraLynnCauchon @edgyveg – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvPI4L2–KmuOZrsLrhpwvTfRH76_OoUU&feature=view_allCORAL Listening to Cello Suites by Johann Sebastian Bach on @Rdio: http://rd.io/x/QVmrjyLkAg #favCASIE STEWART I loved our #bloggerbabe lunch ladies @alison_kaizer @caronsue! http://instagr.am/p/QaKhpGFJGU/CASIE STEWART #Halloween is a…

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The Sweetest Thing: New Jeans, New Jacket, Jean Machine

The week before I started at Community I was CRAZY busy with TIFF events. One of the things that makes TIFF so busy is the insane amount of parties and outfit changes in between gift lounges & films. NO really, it’s actually stressful! My friend Val works with Jean Machine and they invited me to the Eaton Centre store to ….PICK OUT AN OUTFIT! I worked in the mall heaps during highschool and knew Jean Machine well. My first job was at GAP  in Fairview Park Mall. I used to wear a LOT of jeans back then and Jean Machine was my destination. I remember almost crying to Dad once I needed new jeans and in the car we went to Jean Machine. I wish like crazy I still has those super soft Silver’s from grade ten, I lived in those things. It’s been ages since I walked into a…

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TIFF: Guest Starring on Edgy Veg, Birks Jewellers Suite, The Iceman Film

Yep, TIFF is still in full force for the next few days. Doesn’t it seem like forever? Wore a cute outfit yesterday. Schoolgirl skirt is hand painted by Beaucoup Fashion House, Vans ‘Sophie’ shoes, shirt was a gift, Nella Bella Avalon bag. Went uptown to shoot w/ Candice for her show on Coral TV, The Edgy Veg. She made a delicious face mask and slopped it on me. The episode comes out Thursday so make sure you subscribe to Coral by then. There is lots of laughing in this one. Then we eat the mask. I was invited to the beautiful Birks Jewellers suite in the new Shangri-La hotel to preview the new Muse collection. It was diamond heaven! Thanks to Fiji Water & Birks for having me. It was a nice break in the afternoon. Glass of champagne at 3pm really takes the edge off! I loved the rings,…

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TIFF DAY 1 – Tastemakers Lounge & Swarovski 007 Red Carpet

Whoa. It’s here. Today might busiest day in my 2012 calendar. Not. Even. Kidding. If I can make all my appointments and events I will question my humanity. Am I robot/alien? You will never know. (Shhh you in the back there, keep your secrets!) I have so much gratitude to give for my sister being PA (Production Assistant) on my show today, BMW sponsoring drivers for our Fashion’s Night Out team, tech related media interview in the AM, so may awesome events, my hair growing (don’t laugh), having my nails done (this is serious), and my bestie Lozzie Lauren O’Nizz being invited to all the same things as me. Thank you universe. Yesterday I went to media day at the TIFF Tastemakers Lounge put on by Rock-It Promo and I was SPOILED. Rotten! TIFF is truly more fun than a birthday or holidays because all the media friends are out,…

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eBay Style Stories – Casie Stewart

This week I’m featured in the Style Stories series for eBay Canada. I’m wearing a vintage dress from Timeless Apparel on Queen at Spadina. I used to shop there heaps when Emma and Sammy worked there. Boots are vintage and my hair is done by Darren at Darren Kwik Studio on Queen near Trinity Bellwoods. Here is the photo and some extra shots. Read the feature here by visiting stylestories.ebay.ca/casie-stewart. Did you know that @casiestewart loves vintage clothing? Yep! Read her eBay Style Story for fashion tips here: stylestories.ebay.ca/casie-stewart — eBay.ca (@eBayCanada) September 4, 2012  A few questions from the interview: What was your favourite eBay find ever? Kids, vintage leather motorcycle jacket. What is your guilty pleasure? Young & the Restless. #yandr Whose closet would you raid and why? Nicole Richie, we have similar style and she loves vintage too. What is your dream getaway? Going on a World Tour! What was your first…

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TIFF Celebrity Gifting Lounges: The Sully Wong Carry ALL Tote

This week is full of events, films, parties, and lounges. To kick it all off, my friend and designer George Sully showed up yesterday to deliver the very first EVER Sully Wong Carry ALL tote. Exclusive first, first. He called it  “fresh off the DHL”. THANK YOU SULLY! The tote is premiering at the hottest celebrity gifting lounges at TIFF this year. The inside has the SW logo on it and it’s big enough to be a weekend bag or carry a whole bunch of stuff when you’re day trippin. Shirt Cheap Monday from Peacock Parade, Glasses Vintage Designers George Sully and Henry Wong, make up the designer brand Sully Wong. Known for their special edition sneakers, Sully Wong for the first time introduce accessories to their brand. Exclusive to this years Toronto International Film Festival the SW – Carry ALL, and the SW – Micro Traveller will be gifted to celebrities through…

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Summer 2012: These Are A Few of My Favourite Things

As I was looking at photos I remembering heaps of cool things I did over the past few months. I am so thankful for the Internet, Twitter, Instagram etc. cause I could forgotten moments if I wasn’t constantly documenting. I started blogging in 2005 as a way to ‘keep more memories’, seven years later it’s the best thing I could have done. It works as a constant reminder to be grateful & show gratitude for all the wonderful people & experiences in my life. These are some of my favourite things I’ve done in the last few hot months. Summer Highlights 2012: Muskoka Weekends & Boating. Montreal weekend. Skydiving in Boston. Harley Riding. Outdoor Rock climbing w/ Ford & Bloggers. Beerfest w/ Carly & Lauren. Partying w/ the girls. Filming w/ Coral TV & growing the channel to over 1,000 subscribers & 125,000+ views! Hanging out w/ Mum. Driving on the Ford Track in…

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SummerWorks 2012

I hope you took my advice and went to something at SummerWorks this year. As someone new to the theatre scene,  SummerWorks introduced me to a culture of awesome in the city. It was amazing to see so much talent from around the world brought together through art. I wish I could have seen every show and performance. Huge congrats to SummerWorks Theatre Festival Team! If you didn’t experience the festival, now you know for next year! My letters from the Letter Writing party should arrive this week! I loved the creativity in the live art sessions, Dare Night Lockdown, Letter Writing. Taking part in them infused a childlike fun that I feel people lose when they grow up. Don’t ever lose that. Festivals like this open your mind and heart to see things that inspire your life. You are not getting younger but you can always get awesomer. <3 CASIE    

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Ford Escape: Track Driving, Kayaking, Rock Climbing

Last week I had a full on escape from the city. It was so much fun. It reminded me of camp when I was a kid but it was way better. We drove cars fast and had beers after. Chantel, Keri, and I have awesome jumps lol There was about 20 bloggers on our ‘escape’ and the day started with lunch, then games, kayaking, rock climbing and extreme driving on a closed track. We finished with dinner and drinks at Arto Gallery in Distillery District. I’ve been on a few trips with Ford this year and am consistently impressed with their innovation as a brand. I scaled seven stories like a spider monkey. First time outdoor rock climbing and I was awesome at it. Instagram: This was GNARLY! My driving partner for the day was Toronto blogger Lisa Charlieboy. I’ve known Lisa for years so spending the day wth her…

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REAL PEOPLE: The Lanvin FW12 Campaign

I am in love with this campaign. The guy who eats frozen blueberries, the one with out a car, the bearded blonde looking for a grant. My favourite is Former Apollo dancer, Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock, the film ends with her saying, “Well I said that when I was 18 I wanted to go to Paris so he could turn it around and put the eight in front and the one behind it… Eight one, instead of one eight.” In the background you hear Alber Elbaz say, “Paris is coming to you!” With a big “MWAH!”.  It’s magical. I think we’re going to see more ‘real people’ in campaigns. Real people like me and you. The girl with purple hair is NY blogger Stella Rose who writes Confessions of a Female Drag Queen. Her blog is as awesome as her style. I feel like Telus uses real people and Mastercard just did a…

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Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

I slept more in the last three days than I have in ages. I was wiped. I didn’t even tweet until late in the day last night which had friends wondering if I was ok. It’s good to take a digital detox. I’ve got heaps to blog about and will get all those thoughts updates out this week. I was going to call this post Monday Motivation when I wrote it Sunday but now it’s Tuesday.  I have lots of work to do before I’m off Montreal this weekend. Applications are now being accepted for TEDxToronto. I’ve been a delegate the last two years. I love watching TED videos. Great motivation to do anything, ex. clean your room or write that paper. I think to myself “if they can do that, I can surely do this”. Try it, it works! Check out this amazing light photography: Do the robot.You will…

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

My room is so bright I need sleep sunnies. Beauty day! http://t.co/8FHuF3nm # Broadcasters, blame yourselves! Everyone has access to Twitter: users jam Olympic cycling broadcast http://t.co/iuQkbL7g # Olympic Street Art http://t.co/c1xSXifw #london # You. http://t.co/VYuPvL6q # Yesterday @SteveCarty took my photo. C’est fantastique! Excited to see them all! #toron @ Hermann & Audrey. http://t.co/jql4Ufzf # Watching beam is terrifying. #Olympics # One week from today, @stevelobel & @therivoli. Presented by @swagggnewsglobal. #hiphopdontknowyou #everyday #toronto http://t.co/yHFf7oXS # great photos! “@Wayne_Photo: I’m honored to have my work featured in today’s NY Times. Sand, Skin and Community http://t.co/Lh2FPL5k” # Package for me from @peacockparade. Forgot I ordered these! http://t.co/alZhOhck # Love this city. #toronto http://t.co/29YnoNfK #

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You Can Call Me Hollywood, I Will Call You Maybe

Oh well hello there & hi from Orangeville, Ontario. I made this Viddy for you using PicPlayPost. It’s free in the app store for today only! @viddy @yourfriendevan @picplaypost ….and VOILA, my first #picplaypst vid viddy.com/video/2923d9f7… — CASIE STEWART (@casiestewart) August 1, 2012 This is the @bravofact film we’re working on today w/ Kate Yorga bravofact.com/2011/12/15/whe… — CASIE STEWART (@casiestewart) August 1, 2012 In other news… Molson sent me a bunch of beers yesterday. Thanks TEAM! Is it the weekend yet? Check out the future of Ford through the eyes of top Canadian bloggers @casiestewart, @trina_stewart & @clickflickca! bit.ly/MRpQTe — Ford Canada (@FordCanada) August 1, 2012 Ford Canada featured me and two other Canadian bloggers who attended the Ford Innovation & Design conference in Michigan last month. See the post HERE to get our thoughts on an awesome experience. I now have to take the car and go pick up…

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About Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling around the world.


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