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Blogger Essentials: What’s in My Bag + New Shades

As a blogger there’s a few things you need to have especially around fashion week, camera, phone charger, biz cards, stamina, and a good attitude. It can be really exhausting!¬†Tonight I’m meeting Lauren at the WMCFW tents to attend the VAWK show together. In my purse you’ll find ALL these things: Canon Digital SLR¬†–¬†mine is Rebel SL1 GoPro camera Boxed water – gotta stay hydrated! Sunglasses – never leave home without them!¬†How amazing are these bright orange ones!?!? They’re from Polette Eyewear in France. See more about my partnership with them HERE. Packet of Dermalogica PreCleanse wipes – on the go makeup fix or when you get home realllllly tired. MyTagAlongs SOS Beauty Kit – safety pins, nail file, tweezers, sewing kit. This little pouch has everything! Love this new lip stain by BITE Cosmetics. ¬†It’s the colour I was wearing on set yesterday for the ‘secret project’ show I…

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Sunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful 

The sun is shining, and I’m gonna head outside, make the most of the day. Spent the morning finishing up House of Cards Season 3 and reading magazines. I won’t share any spoilers but man I really love that show. Clair Underwood (played by Robin Wright) is amazing. I remember doing¬†a magazine review a few years ago (2011) and putting a little cut out of my face on the magazine, funny. Finished S1 of Transparent on Shomi today. Good show. The music is really great. I’ve added NextIssue¬†added to my weekend relaxation routine since starting the trial last month. I love reading magazines but buying a whole stack is 1) heavy and 2) expensive.¬†This morning I ¬†read Wired, W Magazine, and HouseBeautiful. I’ve been given a code from NextIssue that allows you to get free 60-day trial of the app too. Download¬†NextIssue – Easy as 1,2,3! Click here ->¬†bit.ly/1EaIH3L Enter…

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365 Chances to Create the Life You’ve Imagined

So, yesterday I wasn’t feeling so hot and I was hoping I¬†was just tired from a busy weekend but today I am worse. My throat is sore and my whole body aches. I’m trying to look on the bright side, it’s forcing me to sit on the couch and spend some time with my computer and there’s a chance I might drop a few lbs before the New Year. I’m drinking heaps of water, have chicken soup, and Sean is home sick too. Our house is quarantine. I don’t get sick very often¬†but I’ve blogged about it a few times: Entrpreneneurs Don’t Call in Sick, They Work Down with the sickness: How to do a Thyme Bath Sick, Mucus, Cold, Gross Looking back, I usually only get sick in winter. Apparently ‘it’s going around’, from my limited interaction with other humans the last 24 hours. After a really busy year…

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Travel | New York State of Mind – See you Tuesday!

On Tuesday Brock and I are going to New York City. Yeaowwwwwww! We’ve been besties for like 5 years so this is pretty rad. Our friends at Cat Footwear are opening a new store and we’re going to celebrate with them. These are Brock’s fav boots. And these mine. See photo for link to blog posts! HAPPY FRIDAY! Heading to the cottage tonight for Thanksgiving weekend! <3 CASIE  

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Events | Streamers + Smiles: Creative Mornings w/ Tiffany Pratt

Just over¬†a¬†week ago I attended my first Creative Mornings event in Toronto. It was one of the first chilly mornings and trench coat weather. Arrived to have my photo taken by a friendly blog babe instantly made friends with another girl outside too. The day was off to a great start! The theme for September was COLOR and they cold not have picked a better person to light up the room. There was a pink card on each of our seats¬†with Tiffany’s face and contact info, along with a beaded wooden rainbow mandala bracelet, which had been made¬†by volunteers with Tiffany earlier in the week.¬†There were streamers on the door, the floor, hanging from the ceiling. It was a colour explosion! If you check¬†@thetiffanypratt on Instagram you day will be brighter the second¬†her profile pops up. She started her talk with a morning meditation and then threw streamers into the…

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It may be raining outside but there’s sunshine in here.

It’s been a bit gloomy up here the last 24 hours but I don’t really mind it. Hopefully we get some sunshine tomorrow. Jenie is coming to visit w/ her BF today and I can’t wait! Made a time lapse of the rain storm yesterday. It was magical with the sun shining through most the time. Posted the 15 second on Instagram¬†here. Been doing some travelling w/ Kim Kardashian. I just can’t quit her! Looked at Sean’s old family albums and I knew he was cute but SERIOUSLY he is JUST SO DAMN CUTE. Look at this Jr. Blondetourage member! What a little legend. Hoping we can float in those big donuts I got on Amazon in the sunshine tomorrow. The rain is relaxing but also makes me sleepy. Reckon I’ll take a trip to town before I get cabin fever. Hope your day is lovely! Can’t wait till @jeniestewart…

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Cat Footwear SS 2014 | New Shoes For Me and YOU!

Hi guys! Let me tell you about my new shoes and how you can win a pair! I recently got to check out the latest from Cat Footwear and was once again impressed with the stylish and dainty yet rugged styles. You’ll recognize the logo from¬†construction equipment and big machines but little did you know they also make really nice shoes. ¬†You might remember a while back when I got my first pair Cat of boots, Stella. The leather is¬†SO soft and I wore these¬†babies for an entire winter and walked all over the city, and to different cities on my travels. They are¬†very comfortable and as time goes¬†on, they age like a fine wine. From the Spring 2014 look-book¬†I picked the ‘Mahoney’ in Nile. They are a clean classic oxford with a nice solid sole and leather upper. I’ve got a pair with your name on them! Enter below¬†to…

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TIFF Bell LightBox | The digiPlaySpace IS AWESOME!

Last night after dinner I stopped by the TIFF Bell Lightbox to visit the digiPlaySpace. For the first time,¬†TIFF invited grown-ups to¬†get down and geek¬†out. The After Hours¬†event inside digiPlaySpace introduced big kids like to me TIFF‚Äôs award-winning interactive exhibition. Thanks TIFF for the invite. Some of my fav parts below! The line was pretty long for PaperDude but I’ve tried it before. Look at this dork, haha! I love playing with Green Screen. I should have done Sesame Street instead of the Ellen Selfie. That’s so overdone! Big Bird was chillin’ by the DJ booth. Not sure what was going on here but the people on the floor had a camera on them that was projecting on the wall. Pong anyone? This was some kind of digital pong/fooseball thing. Looked like fun! At the digiPlaySpace, kids (big or small!) can play with emerging creative media technologies and share innovative…

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Ice Ice Baby! Vanilla Ice Goes Amish #iceiceamish

Post by Casie Stewart. We met Vanilla Ice last night then went to the Drake. Then he showed up! He has a new show called ‘Vanilla Ice Goes Amish‘. To be honest, it was pretty funny! The show airs on Sunday at 10ET/9C on the DIY Network .

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I Love You in 3D and in the Afternoon

My apologies if this is starting to get annoying but I LOVE 3D printing and when I came home from work on Friday my BF gave me this. My heart melted. It printed all on one piece with moving gears. Just kidding, I’m not sorry! Not at all! I love it. I love it all. Click Read More to see the Designers Explanation & Video <3 CASIE

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Toronto Mini Maker Fare: 3D Printing & more!

I’ve told you about my love for 3D printing for months now and today is a special day, my bf is having a 3D printer delivered to his office, it’s also his birthday. ¬†[LOVE YOU!]¬†(He subscribes so this will be in his email :))¬†You can subscribe too. I so freaking excited to learn how to print in 3D. Next month is the Toronto Mini Maker Faire¬†where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning. I’m stoked to soak up inspiration and see just what’s possible. For two days, innovators, artists and hackers from all over the city are busting out of their garages to take part in the biggest show and tell around. It’s going to be¬†3D printing, robots, Tesla talk, flame throwing unicorns, oh y’know, all my fav nerdy things. Gahhhhhh. ¬†A friend on the organizing team called it “burning man meets craft show” so…

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Kanetix Ltd. Contest: Vote for My Playlist – Win $500!

I’ve been going to the cottage in Muskoka almost every weekend since the start of May. I love it. Spent heaps of time in the car listening to tunes.¬†My friend who works at¬†KANETIX¬†told me about a contest for $500! Um, yeah? They were inspired to find out what folks deem the ultimate summer driving playlist, so they reached out to me awesome blog friends to find out what our top summer driving songs are. Kanetix is¬†an online comparison site for insurance, mortgages and credit cards, recently commissioned a study to find out how music impacts your driving. As a member of CAA and young woman who drives, I was in. VOTE FOR ME: HERE (Easy!) Vote¬†for your favourite playlist over on the KANETIX blog before August 23rd¬†and you‚Äôll be entered to WIN $500! The blogger whose playlist gets the most votes will not only get the glory, they‚Äôll also get…

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I Love to Visualize the Data

What’s more fun to do on Sunday morning than make breakfast, watch movies, and create infographics about your data? I DON’T KNOW. Ok, I do know but I do love the way data looks when it’s visualized. This morning I’ve been scoping about a few free tools to see what my data says about me. For a great list of infographic tools see this list on hongkiat.com I found via Paisano. I’m off to the Art Gallery to hang out with Frida and Diego. Will say hi to Banksy and Andy for you! Have an awesome day! ūüôā create infographics with visual.ly

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Cat Daddy! Stella Boots from CAT Footwear

I tried to make a cat daddy GIF to go with this post but ¬†failed ok. FAILED! I know there’s a photocopier in this one but the sun is so lovely at my desk when I arrive early. These are my new boots from CAT footwear. TBH I had no idea they made stylish girl boots and when I recieved the email to pick a pair, I was instantly in love. The Stella, leather boot is available in black or brown for $249.99. There’s a few nice styles online at catfootwear.com.¬†Thank you CAT for sending, feeling the love! Check out CAT on Facebook/Pinterest here. I’m into this Earthmovers campaign they have goin’on. Hope you are having a wonderful day. I just stopped into Dark Horse Cafe on Queen for a sandwich & coffee in the sun. It’s beautiful out! <3 CASIE

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About Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie¬†has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling around the world.


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