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The World is Yours. You Can Have It.

Couple shots from the next episodes of my show THIS on Coral. This three part series is about Twitter, Creative Blogging, and my favourite photography apps for iPhone. Part 1/3 will be out on Friday and I hope you enjoy it! Thanks Shannon for these photos! Check out all the Coral TV shows on the channel at youtube.com/coral. I’m heading north of Bloor, gasp, to the head office of eBay Canada for a photoshoot. It’s for an upcoming profile for eBay Style Stories. Check out my friend Spiro’s feature here. It came out this week. And, in other news… I was about to hem dress and then I ironed it and it’s polyester and almost burned it down. There goes my plan. FML. — CASIE STEWART (@casiestewart) July 11, 2012 Thank you Emma at Timeless Apparel on Queen Street for her awesome styling. I’m wearing a dress in a beauty green…

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Casual Sunday, Content Conductor

Limitless, the movie, the you seen it? Bradley Cooper takes a drug that allows him to use ALL of his human brain. He goes crazy. I’d go crazy. I don’t really go to the gym but I work out my brain. Imagine you could use your whole brain. I love science news. “to that mystery is the contention that humans “only” employ 10 percent of their brain. If only regular folk could tap that other 90 percent, they too could become savants who remember π to the twenty-thousandth decimal place or perhaps even have telekinetic powers.” Scientific American, 2008 I’m working brain triple time today. Backing up my entire Macbook, making it new again. Keri would be proud! Dell Ultrabook is good. iPhone is a such an incredible device for making things. I’m watching Edie Segdwick in Ciao! Manhattan on Netflix. Welcome to THE FUTURE. I wonder what her blog would…

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EVENTS: Post Party Meltdown – MMVA, NXNE

Latest ep of my show on @CoralTV. I’ve been more active on YouTube since working with the Coral team. Viddy will load right into YouTube which makes things super fast & easy. From all the conferences I’ve been to this year, it’s clear that the future is in video. TV on the Internet FTW.  LMK what you think! Big ups to Shannon Lit who shoots/edits THIS. I love my Lita’s! Ordered those shoes from Nasty Gal. Wish I had them in every colour/pattern/material. Super high but comfy to wear. I walked for hours in them this weekend. Photos from Carla’s Instagram. I love these Global Warming Tees from Gingerich Group. I got one that says ‘Peace Be With You‘. I’m wearing it in next CoralTV episode of THIS. Caught an awesome set of old school & new school hip hop covers at The Ballroom by Down With Webster after they won a few…

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Trends at Banff World Media Festival: Social TV, Transmedia Storytelling, 3D, Innovation, Mobile Everything

It’s been an exciting two days so far. We’re going to see LOTS more social integration with broadcast media this year. Everyone is talking about transmedia storytelling, telling stories with brands across different platforms in traditional & new media. Mobile everything. I’ve learned about some really neat technology in 3D that is really freaking cool. No glasses and the most real picture you have ever seen. I hear sports look absolutely amazing. I’ve got a couple minutes in my hotel room before my Blackoptek treat mate Darren Pereira is on the panel about Social TV. Panel starts at 3pm Calgary time. Panel is Social Television: Ways to Engage, it’s gonna be a good one. Deets here: Larry King isn’t coming tomorrow night for the award show. I was hoping we could hang out. Oh well, off to next panel! Hope you’re having an awesome day. If you are in Banff…

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Why Just Watch When You Can Feel?

I just came from a keynote by Paul Lee president of ABC. It was refreshing to hear his thoughts about storytelling through media. I things brands and broadcast networks have an INCREDIBLE opportunity to tell stories through trans media. The internet is your friend guys. Paul Lee said “for all the business models, the play is still the thing”. In the spirit of being refreshing, check out this short film The Drop, shot by Johan Renck for Perrier. He’s one of one of the most respected and sought after directors of commercials and music videos right now. The shooting took place during 5 days in march 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. “When everything is melting on Earth, a gorgeous heroine is sent into space to refresh the world with a bottle of Perrier…” The film plays on all what makes Perrier a unique and iconic brand: it’s sophisticated, elegant, incredibly…

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Let’s Get Visual: Instagram, Viddy, Art Parties, Blondetourage

I have been loving Viddy lately. I don’t work for them but I met some of the execs at CES in Vegas and we were insta-friends. The image above is a bunch of vids I’ve made. They’re so bright and colourful. Even this GROSS is not soooo bad. Random Love Note. Heard some really good tunes at FOAM – Future of Art & Music event this weekend. This week I got a vile of sweat in the mail from El Tabador, the lucha loving Mexican midget from Koodo. I’ve been a Koodonation ambassador for almost a year. Together we donated $20,000 in my name to a charity in Malawi called Moving Windmills. Posted a TED talk with the founder last year. Last night I went to this event that featured ‘Dirty Car Art’ check this out: The night before I FINALLY met Candice, aka Edgy Veg who is also a…

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“You kids waste so much time on that there Facebook.” Yeah GenY, THE INTERNET & entrepreneurs FTW! I predict $130,692,179,852 as the Facebook IPO day closing valuation facebookipodayclosingprice.com — CASIE STEWART (@casiestewart) May 17, 2012 German news gives FB thumbs up! I’ll update this if something mind blowing happens like Facebook breaks the internet or the stock market crashes.

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Stargazer Take Me for a Moonwalk

This is so true. I made this post of all the tabs I just had open. The internet is so much more fun than cleaning your room. — CASIE STEWART (@casiestewart) May 6, 2012 My plan was to close all the tabs, get off the computer and clean my room BUT, SATC is on the W Network and I can really do it tomorrow when the sun is out. Right? I once tried on that beautiful Tibi dress from the start of SATC at Rent Frock Repeat once. I loved it. Don’t forget to look at the moon tonight. Biggest one this year, SUPERMOON. Remember the supermoon last year. That was a very magical night. GoDaddy Email Kink Engineering Latex Four tabs on Facebook O’Nizzle on Epilogger at ROFLcon in Boston   My favorite #mbfwa snap by @facehunter feat @margaret_zhanginstagr.am/p/KQ7gtvvH_N/ — Geneva (@apairandaspare) May 6, 2012 The Big Smoke – Marijuana…

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If you had been thirsty for something you whole life, then you found it?

Then you found it, what would you sacrifice? Think about it. Then think about what you are searching for and go find it. Title is a quote from Ian Ruhter who has taken a delivery truck and his life savings to create a massive camera based on the 1800 wet plate technique. It is incredibly interesting and beautiful. It will inspire you, it inspired me. Following his passion for film photography he travels around American shooting photographs that cost him $500 dollars per image. My sister Jenie took this cool shot yesterday from the highway on iPhone. So happy she has iPhone. Found this little guy in our quest to make jewellery. Do you know who he is? Have a really busy day today. Teaching a private blog lesson in an hour then off to a meeting about upcoming charity event then rushing to studio for a photoshoot for upcoming project. It sounds fun but…

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Good  morning, good morning, and how are you today? I’m feeling a wee bit frazzled since we leave for SXSW Wednesday. I woke up early, cleaned my room, did the dishes and started packing. I’m about to get dressed and head to MTCC for The Art of Marketing, Randi Zuckerberg from Facebook is speaking today. Been offered a pretty sweet new in fashion so I need to make one stop around Dundas Square today.  I can’t wait to tell you about it, it’s cool.  Meeting Lauren at Yorkdale mid day for a SHOPPING SPREE at West 49 & Billabong cause they’re sponsoring us for SXSW. How freaking cool eh? Ahhhhh. On my way back downtown I’ve got a fitting at Peach Berserk cause guess what? I’m walking in the (huge) closing show, Dare to Wear Love for Mastercard International Fashion Week on March 17th. Ahhhhhh again! Tonight my SXSW team has a meeting…

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Nella Bella FW 2012 Collection @ Urbanspace Gallery

Last night went to Nella Bella’s FW 2012 media reception. I’ve been taking NellaBella bags on all my travels, bike rides, festivals & fun for the last two years. They’re got lots of different shapes & styles this year. One of the designers for this collection, Andreas Kyriakos who started working with them at 15, he’s 16 now, but still,  he designed a whole batch of beautiful things. I got to catch up with a few really lovely girls I hadn’t seen in a while.  Thanks Raymi, you babe, for photos and Tarek for the invite. Can’t wait to get something new and BRIGHT! Bring on, SPRING on! My current fav is the KIEV bag in black (in photo but hard to see). It fits my 11 Macbook Air, camera and a few other necessities. Comes in handy when’re always on the go/working!  Shirt: Joe Fresh Cardi: GAP Pants: Bench – shopping trip! Hair: Ken…

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Love a Heart from Chris Luckhardt on Vimeo. Instagram photo by @ValTorontoGal @ The Hideout I did Jump Rope for Heart and was on skipping demo team fror the Heart & Stroke Foundation when I was a kid. We travelled around to schools doing routines and raising awareness about heart disease. February is Heart Month, heart disease and stroke take 1 in 3 Canadians before their time and it is the #1 killer of women. Thanks for everyone who came out and donated to the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada for Love a Heart. Posted a bunch of photos last week in this post. For info on volunteering or donating visit heartandstroke.com. Be part of the change. MAKE DEATH WAIT 🙂

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If not now, when?

Ask yourself this every single day.  I’m sitting in the Boston Logan Airport lounge listening to music and soaking up as much free wifi as a girl can. I got to thinking about life and goals and what I dreamed of doing and where I’m going. Not like, back to Toronto but where am I really going? I think January is a time everyone does that introspective look into their life and wonders, what am I doing? It’s probably also why people get sad and maybe have breakdowns! Last year in January I considered giving up blogging and getting a 9-5 job. I’m really glad I didn’t.  The last two years have been filled with all kinds of things I only ever dreamed would happen. How did I get to do them? How did I make them  reality? I feel inspired to tell you today. When I was in Australia…

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Entrepreneurs Don’t Call in Sick, They Work

When you work for yourself you can’t really call in sick. I felt a bit of a cold coming on when I woke up so I’m going to work from bed today with hope of kicking this by tomorrow. In Boston this weekend and a cold is not an accessory I’d like to pack. Y’know what I’m sayin’? I’m cookin’ up lots of fun stuff to share with you over the next coming weeks. Thinking that my new classes from Clearly Contacts will arrive today. I might whip up a nice home made soup this afternoon. If you are AT ALL feeling sick here’s two cures from my darling Mum that will kill those bad germs like the soldiers in Louie Pasteur kids book (it was my fav!).  Cure for throat here & cure for overall cold/sickness here. Thanks Mum 🙂 P.S. I entered to win this TRIP TO BAHAMAS.…

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About Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling around the world.


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