If you wanted to be a filmmaker, you’d be one.

I started watching a show on Amazon Video last night called I love D*ck starring  Kevin Bacon (as Dick) and Kathryn Hahn (Transparent, Bad Moms). She looks like an old friend of mine and it’s shot really well. It’s smart and beautiful. Creative. Sexy. Title is a quote from the show.

Love this shirt from Romwe (find it here!)

A few of the songs are written and performed by Lhasa de Sela and I knew right away was her voice. I love her music, my two favourite songs are La Frontera and J’arrive a La Ville. She won a Juno in Canada in 1997. I feel like maybe I should stop this show and watch it with Sean but I’ve already got GLOW, Master of None, and OITNB on hold. FYI searching the hashtag might bring you up some interesting results. 

“A married couple’s relationship is put to the test when both the husband and wife fall for the same male professor.” imdb

He’s the professor.

I don’t know if I want to be a filmmaker. I might. One day, but not yet. I need to write more. I have stories in my head but I don’t spend enough time writing them down. I’m always working on that. One of the cool things about watching shows on iPad Pro is having them play on TV via Apple tv and seeing the character names pop up on the screen. You can also still use it while the show is playing on tv. I love technology so much. 

iPad Screenshot

Side note I bought some frankincense Carteiri from Nascent Naturals and I really love the smell. I had it used on me in a massage a couple weeks ago and I didn’t’ want to wash it off. It helps relieve stress and I’m really into it.

In other news, I’m ready for the weekend. I don’t know exactly why but this week I’m really tired. My friend Steph is flying in from NYC for the weekend to hang out at the cottage for Canada Day. Yay! ??

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