Day 390: Follow The Rainbow

Today April and I met up for a socially distanced photoshoot at my fav rainbow wall on Orfus Road. Cory Lee and I shot here a while back before Covid started. It’s always a bit nostalgic to back to this area, my first ever job in Toronto was on Orfus Road at the YM Inc. head office. I was blogging on MySpace back then (2004) and was born while working there in 2005.

We totally underestimated how crazy the wind was but it made the experience even more fun. It’s amazing how spending a bit of time with a friend can lift your spirits. We laughed our asses off trying to get the right photos and I had a few dress mishaps à la Marilyn Monroe. ? See my video on Instagram here.

I hadn’t posted anything on Instagram in a few days so it was nice to shoot some colourful photos. Before Covid, I always had places to go and things to do but over the last year, well, nothing has been happening.

In other news, I’m really excited for warmer days & spring outfits. This weekend I’m planning to do the seasonal switch over and pack away my wooly sweaters for summer. Crossing my fingers that doesn’t jinx me and we end up getting snow again lol. Last year we had snow in May on my birthday!

My thought for today is to try and follow the rainbow, you might find some gold when you’re there.