It’s A Long Road, You Got This

Last weekend Cory and I went on a BFF adventure to take photos at some walls we’d had our eyes on. This might seem weird to you but if you live that ‘blog life’ sometimes you need to shoot stuff and create content.

Our main goal was to this up this rainbow wall on Orfus road so we packed a bunch of clothes and set out on a nice sunny day. When we arrived, much to our surprise, there was a HUGE pink wall painted with a massive red heard. Very on-brand for me! It was perfect. I highly recommend it for fun photos, kids, family, or capturing content.

As we were leaving, I noticed the wall was one side of the YM Inc. building and I was flooded with flashbacks. My first job after university was at YM Inc., I was Assistant to the Purchasing Director. One winter when my boss went to Florida for a month, I decided to start a blog. It was on blogger, I could write text using a WYSIWYG Editor, upload photos, and share links. I posted mostly CGI photos I drew on the computer, told stories, posted really short thoughts and ideas. The first few years hardly anyone read it. There was no Twitter, Instagram wasn’t invented, YouTube only just launched.

Some of my first posts:

At that time I had no idea where I was going with this blog thing but I liked it. It made me feel relaxed to write things down and document my life.

Almost 15 years later, I still feel this way about writing my blog.

I found something I loved and I did it every day. Eventually, it became the ‘thing’ that I did and it opened up career opportunities and so many more things I could only dream of at the time. Don’t give up.

If you’ve found something you love to do, stick at it. Go confidently in that direction. Do it every single day. With some consistency, confidence, and determination, you can make anything your reality.

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