Day 386: Road Trip in the Woods

Took a little road trip in the woods went up to Huntsville today to shoot some drone stuff with Nelson & Talia. It was SUCH a beautiful day. We were really close to Algonquin Park to capture it’s beauty.

On the way there I decided to put on fake nails, I really miss having manicures! They were a little long and kept getting stuck in my hair but they were fun to photograph. I ended up taking them off later in the day.

Getting my nails done was always a special thing I did for myself, made me feel like I had it together. I could go into any meeting or situation and if my hair & nails were done, I felt confident I could handle anything. These days my roots are so long and my nails arent’ done but I’m home and safe. That’s most important. One day I will return to Ivy Nails for a fabulous manicure.