Fitness | Running Through the Six

I started getting my a$$ in gear a week before NYE and man do I ever notice. Along with feeling better and my face thinning out, I feel great all over. I actually look forward to waking up and hitting the pavement. I roll out of bed and get into my gear, and head outside.

I was always a fit little person and I’m heading back in that direction. BF has noticed too which makes me feel even more awesome. YEAH BABY.  This morning I did my fastest KM yet of 5.35.

running selfie is hard
running selfie is hard

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I used to stress about what to wear when I worked out and I’d pace around back and forth and then get so overwhelmed I didn’t go. It seems silly but working out for the longest time gave me anxiety. I still can’t bring myself to go to a gym for a solo workout.

Before the holidays Columbia Sportswear invited me to pick out a few items from their #TestedTough collection. I didn’t realize that the shirt & pants combo I picked out WERE ACTUALLY A SUPER HERO OUTFIT INSIDE. I’ve run a couple times in this gear (it’s inside out) and it’s really kept me warm.


For the first time, I really DON’T GIVE A S#*% about what I wear because I’m running past anyone judging me.