My (Own) Space

My (Own) Space

I had such a nice weekend. I am always shocked at how happy I am to stay home. I had plans to be at a media brunch Saturday and it didn’t work out. Instead, I spent the morning cleaning and doing chores w/ Emily. We had a family thing in the afternoon for about an hour. The rest of the day I spent in the kitchen and it was magical. I made spaghetti w/ vegetable noodles, taco essentials, instant pot butternut squash soup, roast chicken & vegetables. I also used the cannabutter we made via sous vide at the cottage and made chocolate Rice Krispies. They turned out fantastic, not strong and super tasty. I’m sure mum will find it amusing that I modified her signature recipe.

Sunday I woke up, made coffee in my Keurig that’s right beside my desk. I started writing a couple of posts on the blog. It’s so wonderful to be home with all my things. Sean and I have our own rooms so when I’m in my space, it’s all my things, art, clothes, beauty products, colours, blankets, plants. It’s my sanctuary.

Over the winter I spend the most time here. Last winter while I was recovering from my broken collarbone, the Marie Kondo show came out and inspired me to clean the whole house. I’d wanted to make my space more ‘me’ for a while and I finally had the motivation. I went through all my clothes, the boxes under the bed, bags of old stuff, the ‘things to fix’ pile, jewelry, and anything else I had hiding.

The last year, living in a space that’s less cluttered has been so nice. I can’t even begin to explain the positive effect it’s had on my life, including my mental health. Knowing where things are when you need them. Knowing where your clothes are, that they fit, look good.

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