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48 Hours in Calgary with Tourism Calgary

Last month Sean and I flew to Calgary to shoot a video for their website documenting a 48 hour adventure. Check out visitcalgary.com/calgary48 to see heaps of fun things to do and other 48 hour adventures.

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World Elephant Day – Throwback to Visiting Maesa Elephant Camp

World Elephant Day – Throwback to Visiting Maesa Elephant Camp

In honour of World Elephant Day, here’s a throwback visiting an elephant sanctuary in Chaing Mai,  Thailand.  ปางช้างแม่สา aka Maesa Elephant Camp is like a retirement camp for elephants that aren’t able to go back into the wild after they’ve worked. There are over 75 elephants and they do activities like soccer, basketball, and painting. I was so impressed with their painting skills!

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  • Cottage Casie in Full Effect! 

Cottage Casie in Full Effect! 

Came in from a nice float out in the water just now. It’s so warm, the lake feels like a pool.

This is my first blog post on the new computer. I’m so stoked to be up here and have 10 days to work on creative things. My new blog is on the works, I love the design and I hope you will too. It’s been years since I gave it an update. The current look and feel is very similar to when I first started casiestewart.com in 2005. The first site is still alive at casiestewart.blogspot.com. Working on this new machine feel like a Porsche or Ferrari compared to my little MacBook Air. Today Sean picked up a huge new monitor and comfy desk chair for the cottage, I’m ready to ROLL.

The view from where I’m sitting is the photo above.

I’m planning to put big 10 person tent on lawn and make a nice glamping hideaway. I attempted to do it on my own today (never having set up a tent) and gave up after a few minutes. I need help, I don’t know where everything is. This is me after a I made a Pina Colada and decided to go floating in the sun instead.

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Today in #Toronto: Tattoos, Water, Wine, Bikes, Blue Skies

Today in #Toronto: Tattoos, Water, Wine, Bikes, Blue Skies

Out on my bike this morning to put on a basket before hitting the road. I’ve got 2 things on today:

Other than that, the day is mine! Gonna bike around and see what I can find.  Took a look at the new-ish street art under the bridge on Bloor at Dundas. It was all done a couple weeks ago and worth checking out. A bunch of Toronto artists’ work to see.

Went on lock up and found my Schwinn Twinn! In case you missed it this week, I’ve been welcomed to the Schwinn Team as an official ambassador. They hooked me up with a sweet bike! Picked this one out, it suits me, good for cruising the city and just needs that basket.

Bike selfie is dangerous but I’ve got it locked down.

The city workers were taking down all the street art near the new Union Pearson Express station at Bloor-Dundas. I asked what was happening to it all and GO was giving some away but decided to keep it all.

I would have dragged this one home and taken it to the cottage.

I’ve been writing this while circling the Dollar Store for zip ties and now I’m gonna go riding.

The PanAm Opening Ceremony last night was really neat. Loved watching all the athletes walk in. I posed a bunch of photos etc on twitter.com/casiestewart.

Have an awesome day!


Heading to Our Nations Capital, Ottawa!

Heading to Our Nations Capital, Ottawa!

Friday morning Mum and I are heading to Ottawa and it’s her first time flying Porter Airlines. I’m so excited to be travelling with her!

Last time mum and I went on a trip together I was in middle school. We don’t often get to hang much, especially not in the summer is mum is usually at the boat and we spend heaps of time at the cottage.

We’ll be seeing Serena Ryder, with special guests The Strumbellas at TD Place Stadium to celebrate Canada Day weekend. Earlier in the day, TD Bank and MusiCounts will be be announcing the 2015 MusiCounts grant recipients and have a special surprise planned for a local Ottawa recipient.  I’ll be doing a short interview w/ TD Canada about TD MusicCounts and sharing it with you next week.

Oh hey @serenaryder! See you on July 3rd! #tdmusic #lansdowne #tdplace

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Feeling excited to take mum on a press trip and hang out at the hotel together. We don’t leave until 4pm the following day so hoping to take a walk on Parliament Hill. I’ve never been to Ottawa around Canada Day. Last time I was in Ottawa was March 2012 for Ottawa Fashion Week and it was very snowy.

Looking forward to some fun times w/ mum and lots of laughs!