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Travel | Win a Trip for 2 to Cabo w/ Sunwing & Los Cabos Tourism

Travel | Win a Trip for 2 to Cabo w/ Sunwing & Los Cabos Tourism

I bet the beach sounds preeeeeeety good right now. This weekend Toronto is looking at some really cold temperatures, -15 to be exact. So, perfect time to daydream about being on a beach like I was a couple weeks ago.

Los Cabos Tourism and Sunwing Vacations sent a bunch of influencers to Cabo, there we documented our adventures, in food, fun, and nightlife.

Watch the video below and visit cabonow.ca to win a trip for two to Cabo! I wish you all good luck, you’ll love it!

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Travel | Treehouse Glamping in Ontario w/ Glamping Hub

Travel | Treehouse Glamping in Ontario w/ Glamping Hub

My first trip of the year wasn’t to a sunny destination, it was up north to a tiny little solar-powered treehouse north of Toronto. Glamping Hub invited me to stay at a destination of my choice, so naturally I picked a cool one. Glamping Hub is home to some of the coolest non-traditional camping spots around the world. They’ve got luxury camping available in tree houses, yurts, tipis, camper vans, safari and fancy tents. I’m hoping to explore a few more of their destinations in South/Central Ontario. Here’s my first Glamping Hub experience! 

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Travel | Hi From Mexico

Travel | Hi From Mexico

Cabo was amazing! More about our trip later. Some photos till then!


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Travel | Byeeeeeeeee Winter, Next Stop Cabo!

Well guys, I’ve been home for a few days and it’s time to get back on a plane and get outta here! Hopefully I spend WAY less in the airport than I did last week.

Sean and I are going to CABO with Sunwing Vacations. Here’s a little sneak peek of what I’m doing there.  I’ll be sharing all kinds of updates on Twitter @casiestewart, Snapchat 👻  (casiestewart), and even on Periscope. I’ll be sure to take you on a hotel tour, to the beach, and maybe out to sea in a glass bottom boat.

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Travel |  Made it to Detroit for NAIAS 2016 w/ Ford

Travel | Made it to Detroit for NAIAS 2016 w/ Ford

Good morning! Well, yesterday was QUITE A DAY. Broke my record for longest airport stay (18HRS) also had my first ever airport shower (in the Air Canada Lounge). I’m now in Detroit, MI for the North American International Auto show. Staying at the Westin and had a great sleep, their beds are AHHHmazing!

Casiestewart, FORDNAIAS, auto show, NAIAS
the lighting in my room is fabulous!

Today is a jam packed day of media things at Cobo Hall in the convention centre. This is my third trip to the show and I’m looking forward to seeing new car technology, concept cars, and what Ford is launching for the year.


Follow along on Snapchat (casiestewart) & Twitter  (@casiestewart) for all kinds of up to the minute shenanigans and me making the most of every moment.


Travel | I’m Delayed at the Airport So I Wrote You Some Notes

Travel | I’m Delayed at the Airport So I Wrote You Some Notes

notes from Casie

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Travel | Where Did My Scion Take Me?

Travel | Where Did My Scion Take Me?

One thing I love about my job is getting to try new products and experiences I (probably) wouldn’t  get to do otherwise. Growing up my dad had a hot rod shop and my love for cars started early. I used to spend heaps of time in the garage playing, sanding, hammering, and listening to golden oldies. So, when I get to drive a brand new car ‘for work’ it’s pretty freaking awesome. Here’s my experience with the brand new Scion iM.

chilling at Western University in London, ON
chilling at Western University in London, ON

I picked up the Scion at Toronto HQ in Scarborough on a nice sunny day in November. I had a great week of planned for us including a trip to London, Ontario to speak at TEDx Western University.

The car had five doors which were great for packing in all my things for a weekend away. I could have taken a couple passengers with ease.  Mileage was great, filled up once during the week for about $45 and again before I returned it (as you do).

why do hands look weird in photos? mine are small I swear! Moto 360 watch 😎
why do hands look weird in photos? mine are small I swear! Moto 360 watch 😎

I took the car on a couple road trip including a visit to mum’s house in Cambridge, ON with my sister. This is us singing LOUDLY to ‘Hello’ by Adele. The sound system was pretty good and I was able to connect my iPhone to the NAV system in a couple seconds. One of the first things I test in a new car.

sunshine driving!
sunshine driving!
sister singalong!
sister singalong!

The body kit gives this little racer a sporty feel and 17″ wheels (standard) look pretty pimp. Since it’s a hatchback, the Scion iM makes a great city car; easy parking and zipping around downtown.


On my way home from visiting the parents after my TEDx talk I drove through a beautiful (double rainbow (you can’t see the second part in this photo but I saw it.


Overall, good little vehicle, chill on gas, nice to drive, good sound, USB charging, and spacious. If you’re keen for a test drive click here or for more info visit scion.ca.

Thanks Toyota & Scion Canada for a fun adventure!

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Motivation | Monday I’m Ready for You


Spring in November, Isn’t it Lovely?


Quick Update from the Treehouse in the Woods

Helloooooo! This week has been absolutely amazing. My batteries are recharged and I’m fuelled with a fire that will last forever. ☀️🌲🇨🇦💥🔑💯
We have had so much fun out here. It’s truly amazing to connect with nature and disconnect (a bit). We’ve survived the last few days with no running water, a portable burner for cooking, and logs on the wood stove. Thankful for snow to melt!

Woke up early to a pink sky so I trekked to the top of a hill behind us to appreciate it. Video on Snapchat 👻 casiestewart.

Heading back to the city today!  

Travel | Detroit in January w/ Ford Canada

Travel | Detroit in January w/ Ford Canada

Early January (after the tree house adventure) I’m flying to Detroit, Michigan for the North American International Auto Show. This is my third time at the show with Ford Canada as part of their global blogger/media outreach.

Casie Stewart, FORD, Naias

A couple years ago I attended the show and Ford snapped this great photo of me right before the auditorium filled up for a major media announcement. The NAIAS is very exciting and a super cool experience. I even made it into the Detroit Free Press, see here! Last year 5,000 journalists attended from 60 countries. Happy to be heading back!

On Earth Day 2015 I was in Dearborn, Michigan to learn about Ford’s commitment to sustainability. Can’t wait to find out what secrets and launches will be revealed in January. TELL ME ALL THE THINGS.

The press preview (Jan 10-12th) features 750 vehicles, interactive displays,  as NAIAS is North America’s largest and most prestigious auto showcase. I’ll be documenting my experience with Ford and sharing all kinds of BTS about launches, announcements, and other fun stuff we get up to. Make sure you’ve got me on the SNAPCHAT: casiestewart.

casiestewart, snapchat

This year we’re staying at the Westin instead of in Dearborn, MI. It’s been ages since I visited the D and have a little bit of time to explore when I arrive and the start of our media adventures.

Canadian Bloggers Attending #FordNAIAS 2016:

Andréane Viau
Ann Bacciaglia
Chad Cranston
Daniel Bader
Daniel Desforges
Davindra Ramnarine
Eric Novak
Jennifer Van Huss
Jessica Terry
Justin Connors
Kathryn Lavalee
Knowlton Thomas
Matthew Tully
Mike Grenek
Nancy Polanco-Chansavang
Shannon Leverette
Shannon Mischuk
Vernon Chang

I’m ready for a year of adventure and excitement!

casiestewart, detroit, ford canada

Cottage Life | I’m Going to a Treehouse!

Cottage Life | I’m Going to a Treehouse!

2016 is almost here and I’m feeling excited, finally. The last couple months my energy has been low and I’ve been spending more time at home recharging. Well, it worked!  I’ve got three trips planned for January and this year will be full of adventure.

The first on my travels is a short stay at a treehouse North of Toronto via glampinghhub.com. I’ve been working with them to plan a stay at one of their many glamping (glamourous camping) locations in Ontario. I’ve never been one for camping but glamping or a quaint cabin in the woods is right up my alley. This is a new take on the winter cottage, cottage life! We’ve chatted about building a tree house at the cottage in Muskoka and something like would be a DREAM. I can’t wait to take you on my adventures!

I checked out a couple different locations and this one is in Durham and trés chic. It’s made from a recycled barn, sleeps two guests in the loft, has hammocks, AND a slide for for adult sized humans. See details about it here, it’s next on my list and so beautiful!

The location I’m staying at with Sean next week is a solar powered treehouse hidden between trees, located on 6,000 acres of forest and trails. It’s the peaceful escape I’m looking for without being TOO far from the city.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.04.42 AM
I hope that it’s snowy and we spend our days reading by the fire and cooking up hearty, healthy meals. If winter has left by then (you never know these days!), we’ll take advantage of the trails. If you’re keen to book a weekend in a fancy tent, cabin, treehouse, cozy cottage, or some other unique space, check out Canadian Weekend Getaway or other glamping spots around the world at glampinghub.com.