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#TBT Liberty Village | Inspired by Andy Warhol

A Throwback Thursday Story

I was browsing tumblr last night and I came across this photo of Andy Warhol and was instantly reminded of this old photo of me by Kelly Kruschel from years ago.

It was taken in Liberty Village before all the condos were built, before all the shops, and people took over the neighbourhood. I worked in Liberty Village from 2008-2009  inside the Carpet Factory lofts. I spent lots of time then building my blog, doing events around the city, and making friends. So much time that I used to get in trouble from my boss for blogging at work, and I even took date stamps off my posts so he didn’t know ‘exactly’ when I was posting.

I was determined to get into a media job and applied for a gig via Workopolis w/ MUCH + MTV  and knew I was right for the job. I ended up beating HEAPS of people for the role of Social Media Coordinator and started at 299 Queen street in September 2009.

It’s crazy to think about all the things I’ve done since then. Places I’ve travelled, brands I’ve worked with. At the time these photos were taken all those things  seemed only possible in my dreams.

Just goes to show you really can do anything you put your mind to.



I just love Canada so much. #sochi2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 3.53.36 PM


And speaking of Canada, can’t ignore this little rascal. Puffing up the airwaves in his pot plane.

According to an official report obtained by NBC News, there was so much marijuana smoke in Justin Bieber’s Super Bowl-bound plane that pilots were forced to wear oxygen masks. The report also states that Bieber and his father were “extremely abusive” to a flight attendant.

What a little btch that Bieber! lol


No Regrets by Gunnarolla on YouTube

I met Andrew aka Gunnarolla via Twitter when we found out we’d both been chosen to go on the trip to Thailand with Contiki. He is simply amazing and super talented. One of my fav people from the trip for sure. This is us with Sam and Leah on the last night in Thailand making up a song on the spot. It was simply hilarious.

The video below is Andrew’s latest tune. I watched it with joy knowing I was there for a few of the shots. They all move really fast so you might not see me but me and the Internet know I was there!

No Regrets by Gunnarolla on YouTube

In other news, Andrew introduced me to a new platform called Subbable where you can support your fav YouTubers. Remember, these peeps are making things to entertain you with their own money, gadgets, and talents (like us bloggers, most the time!). Shout them if you love ‘em! I gave some love (aka $$) to Andrew’s profile yesterday and now patiently away the arrival of my Red Box. LOVE YOU MAN!


Here’s to an amazing 2014 and living with NO REGRETS!


Thailand feat the Whole #ContikiThai Crew!

Check out this great vid by my Vancouver buds the Sunday Fundayz. These dudes were so much fun to hang out with in Thailand. They’re the ones doing backflips and splits in my photos.

We crammed heaps of adventure into our 10 days. Now that’s so dang freezing here I’m really wishing I was back in the hot, hot sun. If you love travel, subscribe to the Sunday Fundayz on YouTube, they’re constantly on adventure! They also have a clothing line of which I just ordered a pile of stuff.

Thailand via Instagram: 46 Photos in 15 Seconds

Made this little video using Statigram, an app that allows you to create a video from your Instagram vids. Super great for summarizing trips, special moments, or looking back at the year past. It’s free but for $1.99 you can add your own watermark as I did below.

Stay warm out there,



Good Time Adventures in Koh Tao, Thailand

Good Time Adventures in Koh Tao via @casiestewart #thisismylife

We went on an afternoon snorkelling cruise with Good Time Adventures around Koh Tao, Thailand. It was absolutely amazing! Our crew was so much fun and we drank, swam, jumped off the boat, and visited beaches. The shot of Jenni above was assisted by our Tour Leader, Luke, way to go!

These photos were taken with my Canon Rebel SL1. To see the group I was travelling search #ContikiThai on Twitter or Instagram and visit this Twitter list.

Good Time Adventures in Koh Tao via @casiestewart #thisismylife

Good Time Adventures in Koh Tao via @casiestewart #thisismylife

Good Time Adventures in Koh Tao via @casiestewart #thisismylife

Good Time Adventures in Koh Tao via @casiestewart #thisismylife

Good Time Adventures in Koh Tao via @casiestewart #thisismylife

Good Time Adventures in Koh Tao via @casiestewart #thisismylife

Good Time Adventures in Koh Tao via @casiestewart #thisismylife

Good Time Adventures in Koh Tao via @casiestewart #thisismylife

Good Time Adventures in Koh Tao via @casiestewart #thisismylife

Good Time Adventures in Koh Tao via @casiestewart #thisismylife

Thank you to Contiki, Tourism Thailand, and Good Time Adventures for this experience. It was absolutely amazing. I’ve got a few more pic from this cruise on my Instagram here too.

Hope this warms up your Monday!


I’m Back from Thailand, The Trip of a Lifetime

It’s 5:14Am right now and I arrived in TO last night at 6pm. My BF and the EmBot picked me up from the airport with flowers and I ordered us Swiss Chalet from on the way home from YYZ. Festive Specials of course, quarter chicken white with fries.

Team #ContikiThai at Sofitel Bangkok via @casiestewart #thisismylife

My last two weeks in Thailand have been the trip of a lifetime. Made friends I’ll have forever, memories to keep me warm for years, and experiences I only ever dreamed would happen. I’ll be sharing stories from my adventures over the next few weeks. You can check up on all the peeps I was in tour with via this list. Feel free to creep my Instagram for photos that will  warm you up all winter.

I’m going to try and keep the same excitement in photos that I’ve had on the road. There is so much beauty in life to capture. It’s kinda nice to come home with the snow for Christmas. I’m happy to be sitting on my couch right now. Not sure where my next adventure will be just yet but I’ll take you with me, as always.

Thank you for following my journey and reading my blog along the way. I appreciate you!

With love from Canada,



Welcome to the Jungle … on Ko Tao in Thailand


Hi from the jungle! Where it is very hot. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so relaxed in my entire life.


By the time you read this I will be getting a massage at the spa on this beach.


This is where I had breakfast.


It was delicious. I have lost a few LBs because I’m not eating that much. A vacation like this is the perfect pre-holiday detox!



Currently hiding away in my mosquito net bed where’s safe from mozzies. They are crazy! It rained all night and now they are hungry. Apparently they love me.


Hope you are having a great day!


With love from Thailand,



If You Take The Ferry to Ko Tao, Sit on the Upper Deck


 Yesterday we took the ferry to Ko Tao from Ko Samui. So many people were throwing up and feeling sick. It was pretty disgusting. I went to the top level and had a great time with the sun on my face and wind in my hair. You have to pass through hell to get to heaven apparently.


It was raining when we got to the pier. I loved the ferry ride and did not feel sick at all.  Having a GoPro is really awesome. You can expect more vids from my going forward.


Arrived at the island around 4:30pm to be greeted by more rain.




We are staying at Charm Churee Vila, a boutique resort & spa. It’s beautiful!



Had a fairly early night after dinner and couple cocktails last night. This is Jenni & Luke from Contiki. The entire team travelling with us are so awesome. If you are ever looking for a really cool travel job, you’ll surely find one there.

I want to go on more Contiki tours. We are doing all kinds of things the regular groups do in Thailand. I really want to discover Italy, France, and Africa with Contiki,


This BBQ meal by the beach was absolutely amazing.


Had an amazing sleep. It doesn’t get much better than this!


Make the post of each day my friends, the world is yours to discover!


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