Day 387: Lockdown Still

Well, ladies & gentlemen, we’re back in a full lockdown. The good news is they are now starting to roll out vaccines to anyone 18+ who lives in a hot spot area code. I’m happy for everyone that can now get vaccinated. We live in an area that’s right beside 3 postal codes in the new rollout but don’t qualify just yet. I don’t expect to be vaccinated until the end as I’m not high risk or essential. I will stay home for months if it means we can get back to some kind of normal.

So, photos of me doing next to nothing with nearly no one will continue to fill the blog as I am determined to keep this diary going until this pandemic is over. I was looking at event photos the other day and really missing seeing everyone, being in a crowd. One thing I really miss, surprisingly, is joyfully yelling in a crowded place. You don’t really do that when you’re at home. One day we will excitedly scream together. I also can’t wait to talk about fun things again, events, product launches, lunches, dinner dates, dance parties, and more.

Been singing this song in my head so placing it here for you, London Still by The Waifs. I listened to it heaps when I lived in Australia. Now when I head it I think of singing ‘Lockdown Still’ instead.

Day 388: Follow The Sun

I went for two runs love. I love my morning runs but after work, I was feeling stress and anxiety so I went out again. News is circulating that we’re going back into a stay-at-home order tomorrow. They’ve closed the schools again. Cases are rising. I don’t even know what to say. It’s hard to believe this is really happening.

I’m trying to stay focused on the positive and stick o my workouts because it’s the only thing I have going on right now (aside from work). Grateful to have started work at Funday last month because I look forward to the projects on my plate and it gives me something fun to focus on aside from the news.

I love this spot on Dundas West at sunset. As I exited the path, I turned to face the sun and it was shining so beautifully. I like to follow the sun when I’m running and soak up as much as I can.

That’s all for today. Hang in there, we’ll get through this.

Day 387: An Epic Sandwich for Monday

Woke up feeling fresh from a nice relaxing long weekend. I love Monday and not knowing exactly what the day will bring. Every Monday, I have two different morning meetings to set the tone for the week. In each one, I laugh a little and leave feeling actually excited to do the work. Went for a nice run at 8 am, the temperature is perfect right now. Can’t wait to run in shorts, soon!

Doing a workout and getting outside each morning keeps me on track for the whole day and I find it gives me energy. I’m still on my smoothie bowl kick and in awe of their beauty. Sean cooked a whole chicken in the afternoon and I made an epic sandwich with chicken, spinach, pineapple, roasted peppers, sweet potato, honey mustard, mayo, pepper, it was amazing.

Had a nice walk after work and I love seeing flowers in bloom. Can’t wait for warmer temps, bring on spring!

Day 386: Road Trip in the Woods

Took a little road trip in the woods went up to Huntsville today to shoot some drone stuff with Nelson & Talia. It was SUCH a beautiful day. We were really close to Algonquin Park to capture it’s beauty.

On the way there I decided to put on fake nails, I really miss having manicures! They were a little long and kept getting stuck in my hair but they were fun to photograph. I ended up taking them off later in the day.

Getting my nails done was always a special thing I did for myself, made me feel like I had it together. I could go into any meeting or situation and if my hair & nails were done, I felt confident I could handle anything. These days my roots are so long and my nails arent’ done but I’m home and safe. That’s most important. One day I will return to Ivy Nails for a fabulous manicure.

382: The Sun Made the Drive

This week I had a genius moment. I took my seamless background stand for photoshoots and set it up using only half the width. It’s perfect for video calls, IG Stories backgrounds, or Reels. I have heaps of really nice wrapping paper I can pop to use as backgrounds.

Sean and I drove up to the cottage after work and the sun made the drive so beautiful. We’re spending the weekend up north, just the two of us. Looking forward to a nice lazy weekend, running in the woods, and watching the ice melt on the lake.

We stopped for groceries on the way so we don’t have to go out anywhere in the Muskoka region. It’s kinda crazy these big-box stores can be open with heaps of people while all the small businesses can’t. I feel so bad for them especially hair salons and personal services. They’ve had 300+ days of being closed and I can only imagine the stress and weight of the financial burden to try and stay afloat.

I can’t wait to go back to Sassoon Toronto and see my team there but for now, we will wait patiently. I did a poll on IG to see if people think I should go full blonde again or keep the natural look, lucky for me, ‘natural‘ won the vote. Gonna give myself another haircut this weekend, I’m getting pretty good at it by now.

Sending love from the woods. Hope you have a nice long weekend!