Day 619: Things That Make You Feel Alive

We drive up to the cottage last night and it was so great to wake up here. Went for a walk/run on the road and the cold air was so refreshing. Most of the leaves have fallen, you can see right through the forest.

Went for a dip in the lake when I got back and you may think it’s crazy but I love it so much. It hurts and it’s hard, but the feeling after is hard to describe. It’s a high that you don’t get from anything else, it does something to your mind and body. Watch my video here & do more things that make you feel ALIVE!

I look forward to cold plunges in the lake so much that I ordered a stock tank to set up on our patio in the city. It’s on backorder but we’ll have it soon. I also ordered platform Ugg slippers and can’t WAIT for both to arrive.

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend. Love from the lake xo