Day 617: Then I Heard Clapping

A little story for ya today! I went out mid-day to grab some lunch from Gaspar Cafe. While I was waiting for my sandwich, I thought why not take a photo of my cute outfit?! Set my coffee on the table out front, leaned my phone against it, and used my watch as a self-timer. As I was taking photos I noticed a package truck and a bunch of film gear, thought nothing of it.

Took about 20 photos, need that many to get a good one lol. When I was done, grabbed my phone to see my work…then I heard clapping. ???

Turns out, the shop window beside me had a full film crew and they were clapping for ME! ? HAHAHAHAHAH.

I was slightly embarrassed but then two different crew members came out and said “that was great” and “you are so cute we wanted to show support”.

The highlight of my day.