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Day 102: What Would You Do If you Were Free?

I worked in the morning and then went out for a bike ride to meet Miche & Jackie in the park. Wore one of my fav bathing suits from Bathing Belle as a bodysuit with these old American Apparel shorts. They used to be so tight and now they’re a bit big. Haven’t been running as much this week but the bike keeps me moving.

Saw this on Sterling Road as I was heading downtown, stopped to take a photo up close. Been thinking about this statement, what would you do if you were free?

Day 101: Creativity & Content

Today I spoke about Creativity & Content at the FreshBooks #IMakeaLiving 5-Minute Mentors conference. I was the first speaker to kick off the morning and talked about my life over the past 4 months, uncertainty about work, and how we can all use creativity to think about business differently.

If you’d like to watch the stream you can see it here on the #IMakeALiving Facebook page. This video has only one view that includes the speakers and doesn’t include slides. Here’s a couple of slides from my presentation if you’re curious!

Remember, you don’t have to monetize every hobby. Creativity is a powerful tool to OPEN YOUR MIND. You might learn a new skill, something about yourself, or find inspiration for another part of your life.

Have fun creating, step out of your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens. I drew this about 10 years ago and always look it up to remind myself, and you, to find that spark.

Day 99: Covid But Make It Fashion

Today I spent the morning working at home. We had a test run of the speaker software for the FreshBooks conference on Wednesday. I had a package at the postie so put on something cute and biked over in the afternoon. My mask is brought to you by Evan Biddell, I ordered a 4-pack of animal print masks from him last month.

On my way home, I stopped by Nadia’s place to go for a little walk with her and her pup. It’s nice to be home and see friends at a distance. I ended up biking through Liberty Village, Parkdale, and then home.

I wasn’t planning to join Vinyl Night w/ the gang from the Communist Daughter bar on Zoom but I popped in for a bit and had a great time. I miss hanging out at bars with friends and talking loudly.

#IMakeALiving MicroConference w/ FreshBooks: June 24th, 11am!

Hi, I am doing a short talk at an online conference on Wednesday, at 11 am. I’m the opener and will be chatting creativity, content, & social media tips. I think it will be fun! 😁 It’s the shortest presentation I’ve ever done and it looks kinda zany as a visual!

#imakealiving By FreshBooks presents 5-Minute Mentors

Signup is free and there are 9 great speakers each talking about business for 5 mins + Q&A.

Get To Know The Other Speakers:

  • Jon Rettinger is a tech YouTuber w/ over 15M views/month
  • Lisa Carmen Wang is a former USA National Champion and Hall of Fame gymnast turned Serial Entrepreneur
  • Dr. Nicole Garner Scott is a highly sought after serial entrepreneur, finance expert and coach.
  • Mark Asquith, ‘the British podcast guy is a U.K. podcast expert and CEO & co-founder of Rebel Base Media, a podcast tech and strategy company.
  • Dani Nagel is the owner and designer behind popular art apparel line Dazey LA (@dazey_la), a brand with a mission to empower people through conversation. Follow her! I am obsessed with her whole social media presence and style!
  • Neal Schaffer wrote ‘The Age of Influence‘ and I am really looking forward to what he has to share.
  • Corissa Saint Laurent is a serial entrepreneur, professional speaker, and trainer on entrepreneurial wellness, marketing, and branding.
  • Elaine Pofeldt is an independent journalist who specializes in small business and entrepreneurship. She is author of The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business, a look at how solopreneurs are making bank.
  • Meghan Telpner is a Toronto-based author, speaker, nutritionist, and founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. Forbes, and ranked her as one of the top 100 female entrepreneurs in Canada! I’ve been following her for years!


Day 97: City, Here We Come!

Today we’re heading back to the city, Sean is dropping me off for the week and picking up Emily. I’m speaking at a conference with Freshbooks on Wednesday so I want to be home where we have good internet.

Sean put the Corvette on a trailer and took it up to the cottage. It’s a beautiful champagne colour but you can barely tell here, it’s so dusty from the garage. We’re gonna keep it at the cottage and give it a good clean. She still runs!

I went for a nice bike ride to watch the sunset in a park near the house. I love the energy of the city.

Day 96: Today is Juneteenth

Today is Juneteenth. Not sure what that is? Look it up! Educate yourself! Freedom Day, Juneteenth is the celebration to commemorate the end of slavery towards black people in America.

Today is my last full day up here for a week. Tomorrow Sean is taking me to our house in TO and picking up Emily. I’ll be spending the week there to do some work and then go visit mum on Friday for her retirement. I can’t wait to see her and my sister, it’s been months!