CHFI | When Your Song Comes On

How cool is this! In December, after dancing to Taylor Swift in my audition, I booked a gig with Rogers/CHFI for an upcoming campaign. I had one day on set to film a TV commercial and one day in the Rogers studio for print images. It was so fun!

I thought it wasn’t going to be live until later this year but much to my surprise, it is! I got a DM on January 2nd that someone saw me in a CHFI Instagram ad, the next day someone saw the TV commercial, and on Friday I got a text that I was on billboards. What a cool start to the year! 🤗

The commercial is playing on TV, CityTV channel for sure, I saw it during Breakfast Television. The print campaign is on billboards around TO and might be in Calgary. Not sure yet!

On Friday, I’d made plans to have coffee with my friend Dazza who was visiting from England at Jimmy’s on Portland. As my Uber turned on Adelaide from Bathurst, I saw a glipse of my purple sweater in the sky and was like OH MY GOD. I had my driver drop me right at Adelaide/Portland as I exited the car to greet myself on this huge billboard. People on the street started saying ‘hey that’s you‘, my eyes were watering, (from excitement and cold lol), and then a crowd of people in the parking lot started clapping. It was amazing. If you see my face around the city, please LMK! Full version of the TV commercial here!

Here’s to booking more acting gigs this year. I’m having so much fun with this new career path! Huge thank you to my amazing agent, Summer & The George Agency.

Happy New Year!