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Day 73: This Is A Test, You Can Handle It!

Yesterday my blog crashed! Thankfully I contacted my server host and their support team helped me out. I was stressed but calm. In times before now, I might have freaked out, got upset, or had a cry. Not this time, I kept my cool, knowing I have regular backups and that it will be ok.

Advice for other bloggers, update your plugins one at a time, update before you post new content, and make sure you have regular backups.

Feels good to be back to regularly scheduled blogging!

Day 72: WorkShop It

Today I did a writing workshop hosted by my friend Ama Scriver on the Addition Elle Instagram. Our internet has been quite slow today making to hard to watch the live video but I was able to catch the tail end that included a writing prompt. I was initially having trouble getting to work on a project so I decided to join in and I am so happy I did. This is my second writing workshop in a week and I am really loving this type of activity right now.

A lot of the writing I do never gets published. I think it’s important to write for yourself and write to remember. I started this blog 15 years ago as a way to keep more memories and it has served me well. I write a lot more than you see here though, sometimes long documents, others short verses of prose that nobody knows.

Journaling through this quarantine has helped me deal with feelings and get to know myself more. If you don’t have a journal, get one. Write notes to yourself and go back to them another day. Writing is such a therapeutic process. I love the sound of typing on keys. The scratch of pencil on paper. Bold Sharpie strokes in a notebook. I love it all.

Day 71: What Did You Make?

Going to work (on myself!) ?

Over the past few months, I’ve been asked a couple of times “what are you working on” or about clients, brand partnerships, my job. Before COVID I was up for a FT gig I really wanted, and had met w/ a few people from the company. Since COVID, the job was put on hold and a couple of my brand partnerships have been cancelled.

TBH…idk what I want to do next. I’ve been feeling the need for change the last year. Since my broken bone accident at the end of 2018, I have worked on myself a lot and finally feel good, physically and mentally. (Most the time.)

Some days I feel excited with a childlike fancy, making things, creating, writing, sharing sunshine. Other days, I’m sad for reasons I can’t explain or scared for what the future holds. Despite the sunny photos, there have been a lot of clouds. And, co-parenting an almost 13yo young woman has its challenges.

Although I’m not working as much right now, I try to have some normalcy of computer time in the am (emails, blog) and in the afternoon, I make something. It could be art, photos, food, exercise, or upcycling something from my closet. Making space to relax and making time to unwind also count

One of my good friends and I have this thing where we text each other saying “what did you make today buddy?”. (We have been calling each other ‘buddy’ since we lived in Australia a lifetime ago!) I find her messages so great, asking this is kinda better than “how are you?” because it helps you think about your day differently.

So, what did you make?!

Photos @April Wozny last week on a social distance bike ride + coffee date ☀️??

Day 70: Please Stay Safe

Today Sean and Emily came to pick me up to go back to the cottage. The last few days alone in the city have been really nice. I’ve enjoyed seeing friends a safe distance and rediscovering the city’s beauty on my bike.

Looking forward to being back in the woods. Sean and I have been together 24hours a day since the start of March so after a few days apart, I can’t wait to hug him. He said the mosquitos are in full force which is a bit worrying but I’ll fight them the best I can. Little buggers!

This week, I’m hoping to get back into my creative groove and make some things. I hope the weather stays nice and I can get out for my first paddleboard session of the season. It looks like it might be a bit rainy which almost always makes me feel like writing or making something.

I’ve had a lot of anxiety about the pandemic over the past few days which I know is normal, but it doesn’t make it go away. Over the past few weeks, I’ve found happiness in simple things like drawing, embroidery, making clothes, or cut & paste. Each little activity helps to distract from the news and find a bit of joy. I hope you can find happiness in simple things and use what you have around you to inspire your creativity in new ways.


Please stay safe and wear a mask!

Day 67: Like A Bird, Flying In The Sunshine

I woke up and did some work then set out in the afternoon on the bike. It felt so free to be riding in the sunshine again. I bought a sequin top from a friend on Facebook and when I passed by to pick it up, she tossed it over the balcony and I popped it in my basket. ?

I met April in her backyard to do Ryan Heffington’s workout together in the sun, at a distance. We danced in the grass with a couple more of the girls on Houseparty. We decided to wear matching outfits bc why not?!

We spent the afternoon biking around the city in the sun. So fun. It felt great to laugh together. Follow April on IG at @aprilwozny!

DAY 66: Living for Leisure

Mum wore this crochet outfit to a wedding when she was a TEENAGER! Nana’s friend knit it for her and she went with my dad. I AM obsessed!!! She always had such cool style, her clothes are our treasured heirlooms. LOVE YOU MUM!

Picked up the orange wool blanket at a thrift shop in Coromandel on my 2018 trip to NZ to visit the fam. ???? The hat is from Lack of Color, Australia and the glasses belonged to someone’s grandma.

After this lockdown, I’m never not wearing a full entire outfit! I have such an appreciation for every single item in my closet!