Day 535: Backyard Wedding

Last night we went to Val & Mike’s backyard wedding, it was beautiful. Thank you Chino for snapping these great photos of us. It was really nice to see everyone, celebrate with them, and dance. Congrats!!!! I wish them lots of love & laughs together. It was really heartwarming to have a big family experience together.

I had originally planned to wear a dress from The Fitzroy but I ended wearing this gorgeous number by Greta Constantine (thanks April!). Sean wore his best suit and it was so good to get dressed up. I can’t remember the last time I went to a wedding, it was years ago!

Day 534: Find a Treasure

Last night I went out for a bike ride to The Hippie Market at Dundas & Ossington. I absolutely love this market and find a treasure each time I go. Arrived there in shorts and a cute top and left wearing a new flower dress!

Walked over with Jen after stopping to visit and braid her hair. Feels good to be out & about in the sun.

Happy weekend!

Day 520: Stoney Saturday

We drove up to ‘Scottage‘ on Stoney Lake to spend a couple of days with our friend Jake. It was such a relaxing time. I spent most of Saturday laying in the sun, floating, and reading my book. I was due for a battery recharge and couldn’t have asked for a better place to do it.

Bottoms – Bathing Belle, Glasses – Chloe, Bag – Little Victory x Hayley Elsassaer

We had a big bbq for dinner and finished it off with a delicious birthday cake for Sean from Pusateri’s. His birthday is Sunday but since there were other guests, it was the perfect way to celebrate.

Jake is the Manager for The Tragically Hip and their drummer Johnny Fay was staying there with his partner too. So cool! Young me never imagined I’d be hanging out with the Tragically HIp and singing HBD to Sean togetehr. What a trip!

Day 518: Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful! Was in Yorkville today for my first hair appointment in almost a year. It was GREAT to be back at Sassoon Toronto and have a more in-depth post on that soon.

I stopped into the Mr. Brainwash pop-up to see a few of my fav art pieces. A few years ago Sean and I hung out with him at Soho House. What a night that was!

Day 517: Business Babe

It’s all business babe! Went for a walk down a secret alley that April’s friend found filled with colourful garage doors. I absolutely love finding hidden gems like this in the city. So fun!

Day 515: Cruisin’ Together

Cruisin’ together at sunset on the lake. Nice end to a lovely week up north. There’s nothing like nature to reset your mind and body.