Day 299: Bathroom Renovation Update

At the start of 2020, I signed a partnership with American Standard to assist in our upcoming bathroom renovation. We’d been talking about doing this for ages so when this opportunity came up, I was so excited to get started. We ordered two new sinks, two toilets, and assorted matte black fixtures for both bathrooms. The first shipment arrived in February 2020.

I was planning to document the process and share updates as we did most of the work ourselves. Well, well well, along came the pandemic, which threw us and everyone for a loop. Everything shut down, a lot of my work was canceled, and we made a decision to ‘wait it out’ at the cottage. The American Standard boxes sat unopened in our living room for months.

In August, we came home for a couple of weeks and hired our friend Lindsay to help get things moving on the downstairs bathroom. Lindsay normally works in set design for film and is an incredibly skilled carpenter, builder, and all-around handy-woman. Since film production was at a standstill, she was looking to work, and we were happy to have a woman doing the job. 💖💪

We tore out the old sink, toilet, and fixtures, then painted the bathroom in Benjamin Moore OC-65, Chantilly Lace (the perfect white!). Lindsay built a new cabinet out of wood and installed it. I am so happy with how it’s coming along! The matte black faucet from American Standard looks SO GOOD with the new Boxe Semi-Countertop Sink.

It’s not finished but I’ve been meaning to share the recent update!

Our fancy new toilet cleans 2x better than conventional toilets and the flushes are quiet. I’ve dreamed about this!

Next, we’re finishing up the tile, accessories, and adding shelving made with reclaimed wood from the cottage. I think we’re going to paint the floor instead of redoing the tile.

If you’re interested, I blogged about our plans some of my design goals with the products we ordered from American Standard in this post. I’ll be sure to share updates as we finish the renovation. Once this is complete we’ll be starting on the upstairs main bathroom. 😁

This post is in partnership with American Standard Canada.