Day 210: Sisters in the Woods

Woke up and ran 4km in the morning then stacked some wood from this HUGE pile we had delivered. My sister and her bf arrived just after lunch and it was so nice to hang out. It’s been ages since they came to visit up up here.

It was an absolutely beautiful day! We stopped by our cottage neighbours place so she could meet the friends I’ve been telling her about the last few months.

So grateful to have some friends on the lake after years of not really knowing anyone. We are planning to spend more time up here this winter. The cottage isn’t fully winterized but with the base board heaters and heaps of wood, we’ll be nice and warm.

Day 208: Make Sure They Know

Tell your family, tell your friends, make sure they know you love them. Call, text, email, tweet, DM, FaceTime. If you’re thinking about someone, let them know. We need connection more now than ever.

You never know what someone is going through behind the smiling selfies and social posts. One little message could turn someone’s day around.

I love sending voice notes to people. More intimate than a text and there’s something special about hearing someone talk directly to you. If you ever want to chat with me, send me a message on any app or an email. My DMs are always open!

Love you xo


Sometimes I look back when writing my post for the day and think ‘wow that was only yesterday’. Lately, each day seems like a week and weeks like months. If only weekends could be longer!

Watched the debate tonight and it was…entertaining, frustrating? Seemed pretty tame compared to the shit show last week but yikes. What a time we are living in.

If you are reading this from the USA, please VOTE. If you have questions about voting, please visit for info or to register.

My fav thing about televised world events is following along on Twitter. It’s the place news breaks, memes hit first, and trending topics tell the story of what people are saying. I was pretty tired last night but once the debate started, I was tuned into Twitter and couldn’t look away.

The highlight of the night was the fly that sat on Mike Pence’s head for two whole minutes. WTF?! Who doesn’t realize there is a fly on their head! The Biden team was quick to respond with merch encouraging people to vote.

That’s all for today, leaving you with another great re-face, me as Marilyn Monroe! It’s incredible how realistic these look.

Day 206: Free Spirit, Baby!

Busiest workday I’ve had in a while but I am feeling GOOD and excited about what’s coming in the next few months. Feeling like a FREE SPIRIT.

Sending you love through the internet today. We are living in crazy times right now but we all have the ability to make the most of it. I look back to my early pandemic days, I went through so many emotions but I also made a lot of things. I seized the opportunity to stay home, read more than ever, get creative with my art supplies, and exercise. I’m actually looking forward to winter and making more things.

Nobody thought we would still be dealing with this 200+ days later but here we are. Each day you have an opportunity to do something nice for someone, be kind to yourself, or find inspiration around you. We will get through this together.

Please stay home when you can, be safe, and wear a mask!

Day 204: Run For It

Today I was feeling a bit sluggish but I still went out and did 5km in Amy’s Run For The Cure challenge. It was so nice to run in the woods. Hoping to keep on track with my running this week. Planning to do 70km this month, did 10km this weekend!

Short post today. Need to recharge my batteries!

Day 203: I Want to Go To Paris Too

Today when I was running I paused my Nike Running app and it didn’t record my whole run. I hate it when this happens! I am really interested in getting an Apple watch so I don’t need to take my phone on runs. I did 5km thinking I had a challenge for the day but lucky for me, it’s actually tomorrow.

Made a delicious soup today with curry, carrot, and sweet potato. Once it starts getting a bit cooler I love using our Instant Pot to make soup. I rarely follow a recipe and usually use what we have around in the kitchen. This one turned out SO GOOD. I added jalapeno & goat cheese to serve.

Sean and I started watching an Italian horror movie on Netflix in the afternoon. He fell asleep and I switched to Emily in Paris. Safe to say, he was a little confused when he woke up haha. We managed to get through 9/10 episodes. It’s pretty cheese but tbh, it was just what I was looking for.