Day 317: A Writing Prompt for You

Hello & happy Monday! Getting a good start on Monday gives me the energy I need to carry me through the week, or at least until Wednesday haha. I did the Daily Calm meditation as I crawled out of deep sleep and made my bed. Put on my running gear right away and did 2km on the path. I did about 300 jumps on my rope while the kettle boiled & before making coffee. Was at my desk and ready to rock the day for a meeting at 9:15 am. LFG!

Today’s blog is inspired by an Instagram post from my friend Ama Scriver. I’ve used Ama’s writing prompts before and decided to share this inspo with you today. Creative writing is so FREEING, just write, let the words flow with nowhere to go, get them out. Side note, Instagram is weird about embedding posts now so I have linked to her original post on Instagram here or in the image below. Feel free to take it and write something today!

Post by Ama Scriver on Instagram

I wrote this without thinking, only feeling. It took under 5 minutes. I think something really important about the creative process is to just create, make something without the pressure of having to monetize it. JUST CREATE. It won’t always be a masterpiece but you need to consistently make things to practice your craft.

Future Me, by Casie Stewart, 25 Jan. 2021

Future me is free, she is fit and healthy.

She smiles into the sun, long hair flowing in the wind.

She travels to the beach and spends summer at the lake.

She loves freely and supports her friends.

She sees challenges as an opportunity and she can face anything.

She is bold but soft, caring, and strong.

Future me knows her worth but in her heart she’s free.

Love to know who or what inspires you today!

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