Day 237: Leopard Loving Lady

Sean and I drove back to the city in the AM so we could pick up Emily after school. I took a long walk in the late afternoon and stopped by the Bathing Belle Studio for a visit. My bff Michelle just started working there and I’m so happy because Bathing Belle makes the NICEST SWIMSUITS I’VE EVER WORN.

In other news, I got this great coat at a second-hand shop in New Zealand and it’s been hanging in my room ever since. Decided it was time to bust it out!

Tomorrow I’m meeting April at the Hippie Market and she’s going to spend the week at the cottage with me. I can’t wait!

Day 236: Let Your Hair Grow Wild, Girl

As much as 2020 has sucked in a lot of ways, I think I’ve made the most out of it! For years I dreamed of living in the woods, growing my hair, and being fit.

It was about a year ago when I started working out and as part of that process, I decided not to cut my hair until I felt better about my personal fitness. I love how wild my hair is growing. It’s been over 10 years since I had hair even close to this long!

In February 2019, I wrote a post about growing out short hair I followed each of these tips from my team at Sassoon. I found this stuff has all helped my hair grow long and healthy. I also went through about 2 months this past spring when I used rice water as an overnight treatment to boost growth.

Tips for Growing Your Short Hair

  1. Get regular trims, scissors are your friend!
  2. Avoid heat as much as you can. If you can, air dry!
  3. Don’t shampoo every time you shower.
  4. Cold rinse at the end of your shower. I have learned to love this!
  5. Conditioning treatments – Pamper your hair with serums each week.
  6. Avoid hair ties, they can break your hair!

In other news, I’m feeling good after being back on my fitness game. Over the winter I’m planning to boost my muscles with strength training.

Day 235: Living in the Woods, Propagating Plants

IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL OUT TODAY! I spent most of last night preparing a presentation for a meeting and once we showed the client today, I was ready for a break from technology.

I’d been growing some pothos cuttings in water for the past few weeks and decided it was time to plant them. I took out each of the roots, potted them in fresh soil, and fertilized with banana water. I hope they all live so I can share the new plants with friends. Propagating plants has been one of my favourite things of 2020.


Gonna remember 2020 as the year we lived in the woods, I grew my hair out, started running, exercising, propagating plants, tie-dye, eating healthier, sewing again, & loving myself more. 😁🌱👋

Day 231: A Full Moon & Halloween, on a Saturday! During a Pandemic!

We’re up in the woods and don’t have any plans this year. We have to pick up a few things in town so I plan to wear a witch costume to fulful my halloween haunting desires.

Here’s a few of my fav costumes from years past. I’ve always loved dressing up but this year, the world is so spooky, I just haven’t had it in me.

Tonight is a full moon and a GREAT time to charge those crystals in the moonlight, put some water out, burn sage, candles, and cast some spells for good things to happen. If you’re looking for Full Moon Rituals, check out this IGTV I made around this time last year.

IG post via @sarahhudsonxx

With the full moon on halloween, Daylight Saving Time tomorrow, and the election on Tuesday, the next few days are gonna be very emotional.

Please stay safe out there.

Day 219: Inspire Your Drive

These days it can be hard to find inspiration. I’ve always had a knack for finding it in the little things by showing gratitude for them, a sunny day, beautiful leaves, a fav song on the radio, or a nice long solo drive. I’ve never owned a car so when I get to borrow one from a major manufacturer it’s an exciting time.

This past week I picked up car from MINI Canada (Countryman SE ALL4) with all-wheel drive in one of their new colours. I’ve loved MINI my whole life, a few years ago I took a solo trip to LA and cruised around in a convertible MINI Cooper for the week. It was heaven, I didn’t even mind the traffic!

Since we’re in the middle of a bathroom renovation, it was really helpful to have my own car to pop out and get supplies from the paint store or Home Depot. I also took this as an opportunity to support local and actually pick up orders from local restaurants, instead of getting delivery. The entire time I had this car I took every opportunity to drive it. Friend needs a ride? I’ll drive you! We need something from the store? I’ll go get it!

MINI Countryman: Favourite Features

Besides being fun to drive in the city or on the highway, the MINI Countryman has an ALL 4 All-Wheel Drive System and was great on gas.

  • lots of room inside the vehicle or in the trunk. Great little family car!
  • Easy Opener for the back means you can swipe your foot under the bumper, and voila, the door opens!
  • The rear camera makes parking or backing up a sinch.
  • Apple CarPlay, is great for Audible, music, directions, or using Siri while driving. Safety first!
  • I love the newly designed Union Jack tail lights and the adaptive headlights that help you to see around corners.

To learn more about the MINI Countryman or other models, visit Big thank you goes out to for MINI Canada for letting me borrow this sweet little ride. Next time I’m planning to test out the new MINI Cooper Electric!