Day 348: Clubhouse Prom 2021

I attended the first-ever Clubhouse Prom and it was so much fun. Your girl even won Offical Clubhouse Prom Queen 2021!

The prom was hosted by Club F_ck It, the official home of Clubhouse’s longest-running party show. I’d joined the party a few times and was so happy to be included in the prom gang!

You might be thinking, isn’t Clubhouse an audio-only app? Yes, you are correct. I don’t really know how to explain it, but Clubhouse Prom was a real event, part performance art, drama, improv, and comedy. It was such a memorable experience. Virtual events have become our reality these days. As we’ve seen with Clubhouse, audio is emerging as a seriously cool way to connect.

On Wednesday before, there was a ‘Promposals’ room where people asked each other to prom. Before the night started, all the girls joined a room while getting ready. Before leaving to go to the actual event, we changed our profile images to hot pink Hummer limos. That way, we’d all show up in limos and reveal our outfits one by one. It took some time to coordinate the couples and order of guests on stage but the Mods did an amazing job.

I loved getting fully dressed up in an outfit with hair and makeup, it’s been so long! It was recommended that everyone dress up and change their profile photo to their look of the night. I picked up some drinks earlier in the day and was ready to party!

Pin on December16

Prom dates had the same photo for most of the night, then changed them again to share stories about snacks, drinks, accessories, or just about anything else. At one point the room was at 1,200 people but it was a revolving door of Clubhouse users popping in and out from 8 PST until I left at 4am EST.

My fav matching photos of the night belonged to my IRL friends Affan and Meg Button, who captured the ‘Betrayal Under the Sea‘ theme perfectly. Runner up was Daniella and Diego!

Aside from dance breaks, I spent most of the night smiling and laughing into my phone (like this ⤵️). I was anxiously waiting for the next PTR (Pull to Refresh) to see people’s new photos. IT WAS HILARIOUS.

Over the course of the night, people requested songs via IG DM to the hosts or on Twitter with the #ClubhouseProm hashtag. Everyone voted for prom king and queen at a specific URL. Around 3am, the winner was announced…..

The official Clubhouse Prom hosts were Marlena Rodriguez, Broadway B, Daniella Norling, Alana Nguyen, Minh Do, Eugene Baah, Ivy Astrix, Owen Ngángá, Cianna Costa, and Victor.

A special congratulations to Adi, my reigning Clubhouse Prom King 2021! We had so much fun! Aside from being a super nice guy with a great accent, I think he secured his King status when he revealed a new painting he did for Prom in his PTR.

Thank you to all the hosts for a great event and to everyone who voted for me. I’ve met so many really great people on this app.

I can officially add Prom Queen to my list of accomplishments!