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Day 79: Take a Minute, Meditate

This morning I felt like I needed meditation to start my day. To stop, pause. Think. Take a minute. I took a break from posting sunshiney selfies and cottage life to share content by black creators, friends, and use my platform to share their voices.

I did a morning meditation by Elaisha Jade and signed up for her 30-day daily course. I love her voice, it’s so soothing and you can head her smile. Elaisha started her company after working in tech for years and feeling the burn out all often go through. At Your Mindful, she focusses on bringing mindfulness and meditation in-person or online to people around the world. Thank you Elaisha!

If you want to book a private online session with her, book it here. She also has a self-guided silent retreat you can sign up for here. To sign up and join me for 30-days of meditation for free, scroll down!

Your Mindful was founded by Elaisha Jade, a 3 times certified Dynamic Meditation teacher. Her meditation practice began after almost 5-years in the Toronto start-up tech scene left her overworked and ill. By studying and applying meditation and mindfulness teachings she was able to find purpose and productivity in her work again. She felt called to bring this life-changing practice to other managers and workers in the workplace. She now leads retreats, workshops and sessions in studios and offices in Toronto and around the world. 

30 Days of Meditation: Sign Up Here!

In other news, I broke my personal 5K record on Nike Training and have been officially running for 6 months! Extremely grateful to Amy Shio aka @lesbest for her monthly challenges, she’s really motivated me to get off my booty and hit the pavement. I ran 100Km last month!

P.S. If you are looking for anti-racism links, check this document or see these resources in Canada. You can also check the link in my Instagram bio here for a list of resources, places to donate, and petitions to sign! ?

Day 78: Black Lives Matter

This weekend I watched, I listened, I had conversations that were heartbreaking. This is a human issue and I can’t sit by and not say something. I acknowledge my privilege, I can speak up, I can do better. We all can do better.

Black Lives Matter Logo Vector (.EPS) Free Download

A post & illustration by @mimimoffie has been running through my mind, “if you’re tired of hearing about racism, imagine how fucking exhausting it is living it”. BIPOC friends & I love you, I stand with you, I support you.

White friends, do your research, educate yourself, talk to the people you love. Acknowledge the role white privilege plays in racism.


Day 77: Advice From A Tree

My eye is starting to look less scary. The swelling has gone done after hours of ice, laying down, antihistamines, and CBD.

Today we took a long drive around Muskoka and stopped to get a few supplies. This sign was at a market in Port Carling. Most of the stores there have closed and it doesn’t look like they are reopening. ?

We picked up plants to put around the house for Sean’s mum. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow so I can get out in the garden. I will be wearing full body bug protection!

I also made a veg lasagna and it turned out so good. Emily has made a choice to be vegetarian so we’re all giving it a go. I don’t eat a lot of meat and hardly any dairy so it’s not much of a change. The lasagna was INCREDIBLE.

Sending you love today and everyday.

Day 76: Look In The Mirror

Day 75: Mosquito Eye

I woke up with a mosquito bite (bites?) on my eye. It’s swollen and uncomfortable. I have so many bites, this is definitely the worst of them all. They bit me in the night while I was peacefully sleeping. LITTLE BUGGERS! I will never sleep without an eye mask again. ?

Sean is going to the city to drop Emily off with her mum today. I had planned to go, but with my eye, I’m gonna take the day to rest. I really hate mosquitos but I keep reminding myself it could be worse.

Day 74: Take A Moment

Today I am taking a moment to think. To watch. To listen. There is so much going on in the world right now. I need to compose my thoughts before I write about it.

When we were on the boat I was taking photos and Emily said the sunset looked really cool through her glasses. This is her glasses as a filter.

Tell your friends & family you love them. We all need to stick together.