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Day 43: Isolation is Exhausting

Was not feeling great today. Felt sluggish and unmotivated. Did not exercise. Started a new book, read outside in the sun. Hung some new plants in the kitchen window. Had a dip in the hot tub. My arm has been very sore. Have been applying CBD cream and heating pad all day. Made a nice lentil coconut curry for dinner with rice. Took an afternoon nap and then went to bed at 8 pm.

Tomorrow is a new day. Still have about 10k to conquer on my monthly NTC Challenge so hoping to get up early and go outside like I used to. I think my body and mind are exhausted. It’s ok to rest. This whole experience is tiring. Read a great article on Medium, see below.

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Day 42: Baking Bread

I finally made bread! I didn’t take a photo because tbh, it wasn’t that pretty. I’ll try again but I turned out pretty flat, a flatbread. ?It tasted great right out of the oven with some butter.

Today was a lazy day and I did next to nothing other than baking bread and eating it. Took a 24 -hour break from Instagram to laze around and recharge my batteries. Found this book from my childhood and am rediscovering my love for bracelet making. We’ll see how I get on with this, would be nice to send these to friends in the mail.


Day 40: Quarantena, Meaning “Forty Days”

Wow, 40 days! Thankful I’ve kept a diary because all the days would have mixed into weeks by now. It’s taken about forty days to figure out what balance looks like right now. It’s been a bit challenging to adjust to this new way of life but I think we’re getting the hang of it. Below I’ve linked to a few of my favourite posts since the start of isolation.

We ordered takeout for the first time in 40 days today and it was so good! Muskoka Beer Spa offers pizza, beer, and a few other local pre-made items for pickup at the brewery in Bala. Aside from pre-made pizza from Pie Muskoka we got butter tarts and meat pies.

When we were driving back we say the most beautiful fox. I think we interrupted him having a little snack. Looked right at me!

Yesterday by 10am I’d written a blog post, done some client work, and ran 2.6K. Some days are productive others not so much. I did 3.85K today and I’m on track to complete my goal of 55k by the end of the month. I can’t believe how much I look forward to running. Order new shoes today because I’ve worn mine out!

Looking Back, 40 Days of Isolation