Day 295: Fasting + Habit Stacking

When it comes to goal setting or creating a new routine, there is no day like TODAY to start. You are the director of your life and you make the decision each day how you live out your 24 hours. Just because we’re starting a new year, you don’t need to lead with the ‘new me’ mentality. I’m moving forward with my quest for constant improvement and giving myself the freedom to follow what gives me joy.

I’ve mentioned how over the last year my focus has been on health & fitness. Working out has been a big help in getting me through the cold, dark days of winter and months of quarantine.

This year I’ve added a few new things to the mix, I’m focussed on mindfulness, skincare, and what I put into my body. My commitment to fitness has become a lifestyle and I wake up to workout first thing each morning, even on weekends.

I’ve been stacking my habits by adding a few extras to things I’m already doing. It helps me stay on track and it feels like less work. Here’s a few new things I’m adding to my daily routine!

The NRC & Zero apps are free and I’ve linked to free trials for Calm and Peloton.

  • 10-minute meditation before I get out of bed each morning in the Calm app and a sleep meditation at night
  • A shot of Apple Cider Vinegar w/ water first thing in the AM for digestive health
  • Fresh lemon juice in my room temp water each morning
  • Running at least 2k/day w/ Nike Running Club App (Last year I started with 1k/day!)
  • 1 workout in the Peloton App (at least 10min)
  • Washing off makeup before bed and using face oil + night cream (I need it for my wrinkles lol)
  • Taking breaks from social media whenever I want
  • Getting 8hr sleep
  • Tracking my daily fast in Zero App
  • Reading before bed
  • Drink less alcohol (Currently trying Dry January ?)

Over the past year, I’ve come to really love fasting! I used to be a hardcore late-night snacker, chips, chocolate, whatever snacks I could find. Intermittent fasting has big a big factor in curbing those habits and reaching a weight where I feel like myself again. I fast each day from 8 pm and have only black coffee/water until noon/1 pm each day. Imm less hungry during the day and I have fewer cravings for unhealthy snacks. I’m on day 273 of consecutive fasting!

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