Day 352: A Good Old-Fashioned Phone Call

Today I booked a meeting with someone and when she asked for my phone number I was so RELIEVED. In her email, she mentioned Zoom fatigue and I was like ‘YES I AGREE’.

We ended up having a great chat for 30 min before even getting to the meat of what we planned to talk about.

It’s amazing how wonderful a phone call with a friend or family member can be. I ring mum about once a day to chat about the day. Sometimes when I have a good day, I call her a couple of times!

I miss seeing people so much but there’s something so personal about a good old-fashioned phone call. These days gabbing with my girlfriends is the best way to connect, if we’re not able to meet for a distanced walk.

In other news, I’m on a good streak with Peloton workouts and discovered a new fav today. There’s a 20min Bad Boy Entertainment full body and it is SO GOOD. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Puff Daddy & the Family since the 90s!

Went out for a run at magic hour and she did not disappoint! The sky was so beautiful. As I arrived at the Dundas West bridge on my way to Roncy, the sun was just setting on the horizon. The cotton candy sky had me smiling as I ran the rest of the way home. I think this is gonna be my new thing, I usually run in the morning but a night run is a great way to close out the day. It made me feel alive and free!

I am living for these longer days when I can get outside AFTER Young & The Restless and it’s still light out. Hahaha!

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