Day 578: TikTok Plant Hack – Aerial Roots

Spent the whole weekend working on my room and WHOA what a job it was. On Saturday I had a bit of a meltdown once almost everything was outside on the roof, the thought of putting it back was overwhelming. Thankfully I stuck to it and am nearly done putting everything away, throwing out the carpet, and organizing my stuff. I also watched the entire season of MAID on Netflix, kinda sad but a good show.

In other news, I am SO happy with my plants. Saw a TikTok Plant Hack (PlantTok) about putting an aerial root from a monstera in a small glass jar to help them grow. It works! I’ve got two tiny glass jars on different plants and a bunch of new leaves sprouting. It took about 2 weeks to see new growth.

This monstera is the same large plant that I shared cuttings from in my post the other day.

I am yet to post anything on my own TikTok yet but I must say, I am loving all the plant hacks. Learned so much the last few weeks and look forward to growing more and more plants over the winter.

Day 576: Geary Art Crawl

Sean and I went on a date for the first time in ages. We walked about 4km to and from Geary Ave to check out the Geary Art Crawl.

The whole area was alive with music, art, and eats. We sat in the grass to watch a performance by Seastill Music, Fezz from Occupied VR‘s latest project. The light and sounds were elevated by the train shaking the ground as it went by. There were some really rad light shows by Matt Mansion too, aka LED Daddy.

I’ve seen this tag a few times around the city, “you are not your mistakes”. I like it. The funny thing is, as I waited for someone else to take a photo of the sign, Sean pointed out that someone was in the alley…making a mistake? Haha. A dude stopped to take a wee and I wasn’t going to take a pic but it was just too perfect. See photo. 🤣

Day 575: Ditch the Carpet

Woke up and decided today was the day to ditch the carpet. Had to take almost everything out of the room, move shelves to rip it up. Big job but I’m glad it’s almost done. Still have a section of carpet under the bed but I’ll do that another time.

I’m looking forward to reorganizing the space and maximizing the look of the concrete floor with some vintage rugs. The whole place is going to feel cleaner once we’re done. Thankfully it was REALLY NICE OUT so I could safely use the patio as storage.

Over the winter I plan to do a full ‘Marie Kondo’ like I did a couple of years ago and clean out everything in the house that doesn’t bring us joy. How the hell do we accumulate so many things?! There’s stuff everywhere!

Day 573: The Sun Shines Together

Went to an event after work tonight with San Rafael, a brand by Aurora Cannabis. You might remember the San Rafel events I went to quite often when legalization was first introduced. Heaps of good memories with this brand so although I hardly go out anymore, I was keen to see what they’ve been up to.

I sat down at Mrs Robinson on College for a menu tasting of food & drinks curated to match the terpenes of their new strains. The food was delicious and the drinks too. My fav part was when I felt anxious and sat by myself, then the most lovely two people joined me, Luna & her friend. They made my night! We laughed a lot and it was kinda funny bc Luna and I were both wearing cute pastels, many rings, and both have tattoos. It’s like they knew to sit her beside me.

Met some really lovely ladies thanks to San Rafael! We all hung out on patio chairs after the event and had a great chat. Overall, super fun time. I shouldn’t be scared of going out, people are a-ok!

Day 571: Have a Good Day!

Had a relaxing weekend at home. We tore up a bunch of the carpet in my room and it’s mostly concrete floor now. I’m into it, looks cool. Have wanted to do this for a while and after we had a leak from the rain, it was time.

That’s all for today, hope you have a great week!

Day 545: Up to The Cottage

We drove up to the cottage after work and I am so incredibly grateful to be here. The last week is really catching up with me, physically, mentally. Feel like this is the best place to be right now. I have Friday and Monday off for the long weekend and am looking forward to charging my batteries.

In other news, I’m a millionaire in Animal Crossing! I got this game in the spring and didn’t think I would play much but I’ve been playing for a few minutes almost every day. A nice break from everything to step into another world. 🌎