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Video: Increasing Opportunity Through Personal Branding

Video: Increasing Opportunity Through Personal Branding

Last month I had a great time speaking at LinkedIn Local Toronto at The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI).

I was the opening keynote where I spoke a little bit about my career and how building my personal brand helped create opportunity.

In this video, you’ll hear 3 examples where my personal brand helped me get booked for jobs.

Excuse the audio, I was using a handheld mic and this is recorded on my iPhone. I will note that Sean wanted to shoot on a camera with a lav mic but I insisted on using the phone. Next time I will let the pro handle it!

Thanks, Bobby & the LinkedIn Local team for having me!

Looking for a speaker or host for your upcoming event? Send me an email or contact my speaker agent at The National Speakers Bureau.


Live from the Lake, It’s Vacation!

Live from the Lake, It’s Vacation!

I had to look up what day it was, Wednesday! The last week has been so nice. A great mix of perfect weather, bathing suits, casual clothes, no makeup, naps, and sitting. It’s just the two of us up here and we’re on day 6 of 12.

I’ve spent less time on my computer than I thought I would and more time making things in the kitchen, driving the boat, and reading by the lake. We got a couple of new small appliances recently and this week I made ice cream, hummus, and buttercream frosting in the food processor. Sean is really into cooking meats with the sous vide.

Have had lots of fun with cottage friends, wakeboarding, surfing, and sunset drinks on the dock.

This is the all-star lake surfing team, a double wakeboarding mother-daughter team, Sean’s first wake surf, and Scott surfing behind the boat. I have wakeboarded but tbh, I’m most happy in the boat and being the photog.

Tomorrow is Sean’s birthday and I’ve been giving him one present each day since we arrived. Today I’m decorating a bit and then will attempt to make a magical birthday cake! Yesterday I made a cute HBD stencil and painted the walkway. I haven’t used this stuff before so I really hope it comes off lol. The pressure washer should do it. 🤣

Reminding you today to take time for yourself, create space for personal projects, and slow down a bit. It’s not a race, the joy is in the journey, not the destination.

Sending you sunshine from Muskoka!


Create Better Days

I’ve been going through old hard drives up at the cottage and wow, I’ve taken a lot of photos. There are multiple drives with hundreds of folders and nothing is organized properly. Many people would be stressed TF out by this but I’m really trying to take inspiration from my chaos. I’m finding so many things, texting old photos to friends, making notes, and making a new list of old ideas.

Each morning here, I get up, make coffee, some type of snack, and sit down at my computer in the kitchen overlooking the lake. I’m often wearing big noise-canceling headphones with nothing playing, I like silence or muffled sound when I’m trying to concentrate. Searching my drives is an endless adventure of, what could this be?! Folder names go from date_nameofclient to ‘iPhone2014 dump’ or ‘new folder4’, it’ a mess!

I love having all my memories in photos and videos, it’s so easy to forget the daily details of life. One of the things I’ve really noticed is just how many selfies I take in relation to how many get posted. There are a lot of deleted selfies.

Yesterday, after putting the boat in the water I came back and was feeling cute. Grabbed my tripod and set it up outside, snapped a bunch of photos with my remote and voila, the ones you see here. To be honest, I looked at so many of them, hitting delete and not feeling happy with how I looked. Yes, it was early morning no makeup, but how I felt before the photos (cute) vs how I felt after the photos (not cute) didn’t match up. This happens all the time but I’m trying to not be so hard on myself. Today, looking back, of course, there were some bad ones, it was self-photography in the natural morning light!

DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. We all go through this and trust me if you feel that way today, you are not alone. Not one bit. Going through all these old photos I’m seeing how many different hairstyles I had, how skinny I used to be, and the story behind every selfie.

Archives, the Art Hives

I originally started my blog as a way to keep memories. Having a diary is one of the best things, I feel, you can do to move forward, learn, and grow. I’m on a mission to be a better human, to love myself more, and to consistently find happiness in simple things. I’ve always been a pretty positive person but this past winter with my shoulder injury, nerve damage in my face, a mishap with my hair, and some other stuff, I got really down in the dumps. HOWEVER, THE TIME IS NOW. I’m crawling out, finding my creative spirit, my strong Taurus energy, and sunshiney vibes.

Having a diary is one of the best things, I feel, you can do to move forward, learn, and grow.

Loving yourself is a daily process and becoming your best self takes work. The last few days, I’ve been listening to the Papaya Podcast by Sarah Nicole, aka @thebirdspapaya. Although I don’t exactly relate to the postpartum mom stuff, I enjoy the talk about self-love, body confidence life in general. You can find the podcast on iTunes here.

Sending you love and sunshiney vibes. I’m about to go drive the boat and take Sean wakeboarding.


It’s My Blog and I Can Blog If I Want To

It’s My Blog and I Can Blog If I Want To

Yesterday I wrote a blog about my new speaker and I seriously considered not reviewing the product here because it wasn’t sponsored and would people be thinking, “is this sponsored“? But, in all honesty, I jus really liked the thing. I like a lot of things. I hardly post sponsored stuff and sometimes my blog is about bike riding on a sunny day or speaking at an event. I used to blog about everything I liked, I’ve blogged for over 10 years. There are thousands of blog posts here about nothing in particular other than a thought or a feeling.

Almost gone are the days of people blogging because they love blogging or just want to get their thoughts onto the blog. But really, those are the blogs I love the most. The old blogs. The diary blogs. The blogs that tell a story and make you have feelings or brighten your day.

I want to bring back the blog, the writing, the thoughts, and all the feelings.

Today is a new day, a new month, an opportunity to make a change. Mercury is longer in retrograde and Leo Season is upon us. You’re in charge here.

Sedona, Arizona, shot on film

Blog Goals for August 2019: Write Something Every Single Day

I’m putting myself up for a challenge to write something new each day for the whole month of August. I love to write and the last few weeks months I have been in a bit of a slump. I needed to take some time to relax my brain and body. To find that place inside where creativity comes from and open the door. It took some time, but I managed to crack that door and I’m making my way in.

I’ve packed up years of hard drives and developed all my disposable cameras. Over the next 12 days at the cottage, I’m taking a deep dive into the archives, the art hives as I used to call them. I’m looking for inspiration in my own digital history and hoping that together we can make something new.

These photos are from a disposable camera I had on a press trip in Arizona years ago w/ some friends. The blog post from that trip here.

Here’s to a new month, new moon, and new creative adventure!


Review: Sonos x IKEA Speaker Collab

Review: Sonos x IKEA Speaker Collab

This week I went to the 2020 Ikea Catalogue media preview where they announced their partnership with Sonos. I love IKEA and smart home accessories so was keen to learn more. Through this partnership, IKEA is focussed on enhancing your home with sound and lighting. This post is not sponsored by Ikea but I would love if it was!

I was given the new SYMFONISK speaker and set it up as soon as I got home. Wanted to share my thoughts right away because I’m super impressed. It’s my first Sonos and by far the nicest speaker I’ve ever personally owned.

Symfonisk Setup

In a few minutes, I set it up on my home wifi, connected it to Apple Music, and my Amazon Echo to work with Alexa. The SYMFONISK I recieved is a bookshelf speaker that can go vertical or horizontal and be mounted as a shelf that can hold up to 7lbs. Multiple speakers can be paired for surround sound, paired over wifi, or to your TV. You control the speaker with the Sonos app and can set up voice controls. Mine is connected to Alexa and works perfectly!

Symfonisk Design x Quality

Both speakers in the series come in black or white and are designed to blend in with your home decor. The bookshelf speaker is $149 and table lamp speaker is $249. Pretty good price for the sound quality and Sonos brand. For the one with the light, you can add in smart bulbs like Phillips Hue or Ikea’s own smart bulbs to make the light change colour.

My Symfonisk speaker in the IKEA KALLAX shelf

At the media preview, they had a bunch of the speakers paired together for ‘party mode’ which was pretty rad.

One of the really cool things, when you set up the speaker, is it takes you through pairing it to your specific room from the app. You slowly move your phone up and down around the room in a wave-like technique to pick up on the room shape and tone, this allows the speaker to perform the best sound for the space. Safe to say I am loving how loud it goes and clarity of sound.

The speakers are available online and instore August 7th. If you are buying online, make sure you sign up for Ebates first because they have 2.5% cashback at IKEA right now.

[that’s Swedish for thank you!]

Summertime Weekend Vibe 2019

Summertime Weekend Vibe 2019

We had such a great time at the cottage this weekend. The weather called for rain and thunderstorms and it turned out to be perfect summer weather. Cory & Ish were up and we had great food, swam, floated, boated, and had heaps of laughs. I’d been a little nervous to get back up on the wakeboard after the whole broken collarbone of winter 2019 thing but I DID IT. I got up right away and did better than last summer! I’m so proud of myself bc I was scared for years to even try wakeboarding and I love it now. 

Fun things to look forward to this week, Wednesday I’m speaking at a LinkedIn event about branding and Friday is the Canadian premiere of Astronaut Movie. Get tickets below if you wanna join!


ASTRONAUT – In Theatres & Streaming July 26th!

I’ve been sitting on this info for a while and I am so happy to finally share! I’ve got a part in ASTRONAUT starring Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss, directed by Shelagh McLeod.

The premiere is at Cineplex YD Square on July 26th and in select theatres across North America. If you’re in Van, NY, LA, Miami, Denver, Dallas, or Boston, check your local theatre. If you’re in Toronto see local times at Cineplex here.

Astronaut will also be on streaming services so if you’re not near a theatre or just like staying home, you’re good! I’m hoping to have a few behind the scenes videos of us talking with Colin Mochrie later this week.

Here are some photos from behind the scenes when we were shooting at the Canadian Warplane Museum and 299 Queen Street. It was pretty neat to be back at Much Studios 10 years after I worked there, to be A ON CAMERA IN A MOVIE.

Astronaut was shot at the end of 2018, right before I went to NZ for a month and after a directed a real estate commercial for Great Gulf. I remember I was flying high, thinking every single day, wow ‘THIS IS MY LIFE’.

Was pretty cool to see my updated IMDB to include actress. My role in the film is ‘Actress‘ and I play a celebrity contestant in the movie’s gameshow. I can’t wait to see it!

Casie Stewart, Actress, IMDB

Thank you for reading and following me. I’m constantly amazed at the course my life is taking. It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you are open, kind, and believe in yourself. Next stop, the moon!


Interview: Vocab Comm Influencer Tuesdays

I recently did an interview w/ Chrissy, longtime friend, OG PR, and founder of Vocab Comm. I talk about the social media landscape, influencers, and my career. I included part of the interview below, read the whole thing here. Chrissy used to host MMVA and celebrity gifting lounges at the beginning of social media, we worked together on a few. This was a fun one.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in Cambridge, Ontario. My parents immigrated here from New Zealand and my dad had a custom Hot Rod shop growing up. I created my first business in grade 2 and at 14 I wrote a book and started a publishing company. I went to Conestoga College and last year was given an Alumni Award for my work from the President of the college. I went to university in Australia and have a B. Com in International Business. I have lived in Toronto since 2005 when I started my blog. Through my blog, I’ve built some amazing brand partnerships (Pepsi, Telus, Aeroplan, Sassoon) and traveled to incredible amazing places in the world (Thailand, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Disneyland).

How do you define an influencer?

I think the word ‘influencer’ has really taken on a whole new (kinda negative) meaning with the rise of Instagram influencers. To me, influence is a product of something someone does. It’s not something you get by having a lot of followers. My influence has grown from being a pioneer in a new industry and constantly innovating. I share my life with the world and love discovering new things, my influence comes from building trust with my audience.

What advice do you have for other people looking to become an online influencer?

Don’t do it. Find something you love and do that! Don’t set your goal at being an influencer. I swear it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!

Don’t strive to be an influencer, aim to do something that has influence on the world.

– Casie Stewart

The other week I was at the Cannes Film Festival and someone said “I’m jealous of your life”. Shortly after, I tweeted, “You wouldn’t be jealous if you knew how much work it took to get here”. For almost 10 years I blogged every single day. I very rarely take a day off and hardly any of my travels are vacation. I love what I do and have turned it into a career. It takes WORK and consistency.

What’s your fav personal social media moment in your career so far?

I’ve some really cool moments in the last 10 years of my life. A lot of them tie back to my work in social media. Traveling around the world, working with Virgin America & Richard Branson, walking in Toronto Fashion Week, being in a film about TIFF, reporting on The Royals for eTalk, speaking at SXSW, doing a TEDx talk.

Celebrity Stylist Derek Warburton, Nicole Miller at NZFW, 2010

How do you inspire others through your work or personal life?

I try to keep it real. Being on the internet can be hard. I have a series of posts called ‘Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like It’ (See here: http://bit.ly/2KA5Bgd) where I write about how social media gives me anxiety or I don’t feel like being an ‘internet person’. I’ve had great feedback on those posts because they share the realness that you don’t see in curated Instagram feeds.

Casie Stewart, signature, iPad Pro.

P.S. Did you get a ticket to my upcoming event? I'm speaking at LinkedIn Local this month about branding. More details here, use CASIESTEWART as code for discount tickets. Love ya! 


Take Time For Yourself.

Take Time For Yourself.

I’ve been finding just about anything to distract me from doing the things I should be doing today.

Last week I went to Vancouver a day before my meetup so I could be ready and rested before spending the week with Telus creators from across Canada. I love what I do but it takes a lot out of you to be present online AND in real life while creating content in real-time. On influencer trips, there’s always a camera around, you’re posting to the internet with the proper hashtags, making sure your outfit is cute, and talking to people face-to-face. It can be pretty taxing!

One of my favourite moments last week was walking around downtown Vancouver w/ Cory Lee and stopping by Pink Alley. It was such a beautiful day to be outside surrounded by bright colours, making memories.

Would you believe I spent 15+ hours on Instagram last week? I’m due for a digital break but there’s always something exciting to do and I want to share it with you and the world. I know I should disconnect and take time away from screens but then again I have heaps of things to get done and they all involve being ON A SCREEN. Ahhhh!

Over the years I’ve learned it’s good to take breaks, to let your mind rest, thoughts wander. Years ago before Instagram, I had 40+ posts month over month. These days I find myself writing a ~10 blog posts a month when I’m in the mood or have a due date. I love documenting my life but don’t put the pressure on myself I used to.

Over the years, the mediums have changed and the content is in different places but I think the message is still the same: You’ll never be younger than you are today so make the most of each day.

Last night I walked all the way home from the office, spent some time reading on our patio, and got a good sleep.

Give yourself a break tonight, this weekend, whenever you need it, take some time for yourself. Love this little rest reminder I discovered via Meghan Yuri Young.

Sending sunshine your way,

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WOM_N Tarot Deck Launch: You’re on the right path.

WOM_N Tarot Deck Launch: You’re on the right path.

Yesterday I had my tarot cards read at an event hosted by my friend Nataleigh for the launch of the WOM_N Tarot Deck. It was such a great event! Michelle and I got matching tattoos, Sean got a tattoo, the drinks readings were amazing, and the room was filled with wonderful women and people supporting them.

I’m honored to be THE SUN card in this beautiful new deck. I had a reading using someone like this Psychic Reader at the start of the event and it confirmed some stuff for me. the last few months have been filled with lots of adventure and there are new things on the horizon. I’m doing things I’ve always wanted to do and excited for what’s in store. One of my projects this summer is to study the cards and learn about each one so I can do readings for my friends (and myself!).

Me on WOMN_TO Shoot Day during the winter.

About the WOM_N Deck: This is a deck of celebration.

WOM_N: a celebratory and intuitive tarot deck, with a new-fashioned and transcendental take on tarot symbolism. A physical reminder of what work is being done, in our city, by who and a glimpse of what might be in store for you.

WOM_N is a collection of those who identify as female and are defining themselves. Defining their power, their skillset, their space. They are CEOs, futurists, healers, designers, mothers, public servants, community builders, creatives, sexologists, coaches, athletes and more.

Order your very own WOM_N TO Deck here.

This week I’m in Vancouver with Telus. Follow my adventures on Instagram!


Thoughts on Graduating: Find Something You Love

Thoughts on Graduating: Find Something You Love

Last week I spoke at the graduation for Conestoga College. There were 15 programs graduating and hundreds of students. I got to wear a gold cape as a ‘special guest’. I checked the colour of the cape before the event and came prepared with gold shoes. It was pretty cool!

The top photo above is me with Conestoga College president John Tibbits at the presentation of my Alumni Award last year. I was in shock when I found out I’d been nominated for the Premiere’s Award then Conestoga surprised me with an Alumni Award. [The highest award from a college delivered by the president!]

This isn’t the kind of award you can apply for, and I am so honored to be recognized. I took my mum, and her BFF (aka my second mum & Fairy Godmother!) to the ceremony. We had a great time!

I spoke at the graduation for Conestoga College. Scroll for some thoughts on life, career, and what to be when you grow up. If ever!
Pat Hope, Me, Mum

Looking Back

I’ve spent the last decade working in social media as the industry grew and developed. I’ve had my blog for 14 years. When I went to Conestoga College for Marketing, social media was not invented. Blogs were not invented, there was no Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. I was into marketing as soon as I knew what it was. I chose to study it in college because I had a *feeling* the internet would be something big. SMART THINKIN’ EH!

Honestly, in college, I used to skip class and I hardly ever bought textbooks. I didn’t have much money in college or university, but I always did the work. I worked well in groups when I was the leader, I liked writing, I was really into presentations. I didn’t really know what I wanted to be when I left Conestoga College, so I went to university, in Australia. I liked business but I had no clue about a job. I needed to escape and find myself.

When I finished school, I wanted to work in fashion, something I was passionate about. I did that for a few years and also worked in tech. I was a promo model and a tv/film background extra. I did a lot of jobs to get to where I am today and a big part of my journey comes from taking chances.

I followed my gut. Believed in myself. I took the road less traveled and it really made a huge difference. I’ve always done things my own way, a little different, and been kinda weird, but as I’ve gotten older THOSE ARE MY BIGGEST STRENGTHS.

My advice:

If you’re younger than me and graduating this year, or in a job that’s not your giving you life, don’t worry. You have the power to change your path. Your life is YOUR movie and you’re the director. Take charge of it. We live in a world where technology is driving innovation and new industries are emerging all the time.

You can’t control the cards you are dealt but you decide how to play them.

You ALWAYS have a choice in how to react and what you do with every situation. I wrote a post a while back around the thought that there’s nothing wrong with Monday, Monday doesn’t suck, you just hate your job. You have the power to change your situation. You got this. Change your attitude, change your life.

My Advice:

  1. Find something you love and go confidently in that direction.
  2. Do something each day that brings you closer to your dream.
  3. Learn as much as you can about the thing you love, be the best at it.

If you’re looking for something else to scroll, read this post on my advice to the graduating class when I was inducted into my high school hall of fame.


Travelling Europe w/ Telus Easy Roam

Travelling Europe w/ Telus Easy Roam

May was a bit of a crazy month! I touched down in Spain, France, Germany, and Switzerland. Had an amazing press trip in Spain, went to Cannes Film Festival, Collision Conference, Lift&Co Expo, was in a fashion show, and gave the graduation address at Conestoga College. Today I’m writing this from the cottage in Muskoka and after a few days in the woods, I feel back to my old self again.

I am so incredibly thankful to work with a partner like Telus. During my whole trip, I never once missed an email, text, or phone call because I didn’t have data or a working phone. I also always carry a spare phone battery while I’m on the road (I like this Mophie one). I look forward to the moment my plane lands and I get that familiar text from Telus that saying “Welcome to [insert country]. You have Easy Roam.” After long flights and meals on the go, it’s comforting!

With Telus Easy Roam you can access your Canadian data plan from and you pay a daily fee to access the data in 190+ international destinations. Honestly, as an entrepreneur, the $12/day is so worth it to not be constntly hunting for wifi to share my adventure on social or reply to work email. Telus even has Cuba on their country roster which is so great, I can’t wait to plan a trip there over the winter. [You might remember when I went there last time and had NO SERVICE.]

I love being in transit.

Photos from Cannes Film Festival France

I really loved Spain and want to go back to explore more. Read my post on our Spain trip here.

Next week I’m heading to Vancouver for the Telus Creator Summit with the Canada-wide group of Telus Ambassadors. I can’t wait! I went last year and it was heaps of fun, plus we created some really cool content in their studio and volunteered to help out a local organization benefitting youth.

I’ll be sharing our whole adventure on IG and Twitter and doing a wrap-up post here after.

For more information on US & International roaming with Telus, visit the Telus website at telus.com.

Have an amazing day!


Telus influencer partner program, get to know Casie Stewart. I've been working with Telus for 9 years and I'm part of their current Telus Partner program. Read about all my Telus adventures here or visit their website to see how they're helping communities across Canada through their #GiveWhereWeLive program.