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Day 97: City, Here We Come!

Today we’re heading back to the city, Sean is dropping me off for the week and picking up Emily. I’m speaking at a conference with Freshbooks on Wednesday so I want to be home where we have good internet.

Sean put the Corvette on a trailer and took it up to the cottage. It’s a beautiful champagne colour but you can barely tell here, it’s so dusty from the garage. We’re gonna keep it at the cottage and give it a good clean. She still runs!

I went for a nice bike ride to watch the sunset in a park near the house. I love the energy of the city.

Day 96: Today is Juneteenth

Today is Juneteenth. Not sure what that is? Look it up! Educate yourself! Freedom Day, Juneteenth is the celebration to commemorate the end of slavery towards black people in America.

Today is my last full day up here for a week. Tomorrow Sean is taking me to our house in TO and picking up Emily. I’ll be spending the week there to do some work and then go visit mum on Friday for her retirement. I can’t wait to see her and my sister, it’s been months!

Day 95: Where I Need to Be

To be honest, today was not great. I spent most of the day in a bad mood, filled with anxiety, feeling stressed, snapping at Sean for no reason. I had drinks last night with some girls from the lake and one of them fell on the boat, cut her arms, and had to get stitches. Luckily, no permanent damage and everyone was ok but it had me in my feelings all day. You really have to be on your toes and keep one hand on the boat at all times, an accident can happen in a split second.

Later in the day things turned around and Sean & I decided to take a road trip together. We picked up takeout from Pie Muskoka and drive through Bala, to the Wahta Reserve, then back home through Gravenhurst. Sometimes you just need to shake it off and change your surroundings.

The journal above is a gratitude journal gifted to me by Cheryl, the owner of Please Notes. She has some really great affirmation filled goods you can find here.

We met last year when we were both speakers at I Make a Living last year hosted by FreshBooks. I’m speaking at their next online event on Wednesday 24th, 11am. Sign up here!

Day 94: Smashing Records in Style

Today I smashed my own 5K record and completed my 55KM challenge for the month. I am so grateful for these challenges hosted by Amy aka @lesbest. It’s really kept me motivated to get my shoes on and hit the road.

When I got back to the cottage a package was there, it’s was like a reward for hustling hard. The PR team sent the Hayley X Coors Slice shorts and shirt. Sean is wearing the set in a size small, looking like a supermodel! He’s been a really good motivator for my running doing does 4-10K a day on his morning runs. We’re both feeling so much better since we stopped eating so much crap and started moving our bodies.

ILY. Thank you for supporting me my love! Idk if he will see this bc I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read my blog, he gets enough CASIE IRL haha.

I hope you are having a good day! 😊

Day 93: We’ll All Float On Ok

Today was pretty quiet. I spend the morning working, as I usually do then set out on my paddleboard for nearly two hours. I packed some water and my Kindle and floated and read in the sun. I have been reading a couple of books from Netgalley, a medias review site for authors. My two most recent reads are Coming for You Deborah Rogers, The Dead Girl Under the Bleachers by Donna M. Zadunajsky, both linked here on Amazon. Find more book recos in my store!

I typically read the same type of books with a female lead, there some relationship/family drama, at least one murder. I hardly ever read self-help books, I like to escape reality in a book, take my mind on a suspenseful & thrilling adventure.

In the afternoon, I went to town and stopped by our cute little post office to pick up some packages. I look forward to visiting Judy at the Postie each time and try to take her a little treat as a way to say thank you.

I was happy my order from Biddell arrived! Canadian designer and friend Evan Biddell has been making stylish masks you can order online here. I happened to have a swimsuit to match one of them, safety but make it fashion! For $45 you will receive a 4-pack of animal print masks. They fit great!

4 Pack of Masks

Thinking of this jam, always loved this song.

Day 92: Find The Magical Moments

This afternoon, while Sean was wakeboarding our neighbour (who has a plane), landed on the lake. It was so magical so see them plane fly over our heads before touching down on the water.

I went for a long walk & talk and was feeling pretty happy in the sun. This shark print is one of my fav suits from Bathing Belle. It has a matching scrunchie and you can now get a mask to match too!

Had an absolutely perfect avocado. It’s a small but wonderful thing when that happens. We have to celebrate the small wins today, and always!

Went for a sunset boat cruise. Sean and I try to do this each night to take a break from work, spend time together, and enjoy the views.