Day 296: Click and Collect

The mouse for my computer died so I ordered a new one from Apple to be picked up with click and collect. The process was very organized but still, a bit weird. I drove up to Yorkdale Mall, parked, and went to the entrance where I had to show the order on my phone to get past security.

Once inside, I was directed down a walkway where I showed my order again. I was instructed to take my place on my given numbered spot where my order would be delivered to me. It took about 15 minutes and everyone was wearing masks.

I have to admit it was strange to be inside the mall like this. I couldn’t’ help think about all the stores and how empty the parking lot was. I drove home feeling sad for lost jobs, revenue, and how the pandemic has hurt small businesses.

I wonder how long we’ll be in lockdown? The cases keep going up and things don’t seem to be getting better. 😕 I try not to read the news too much but this is the reality we’re living in now.

Please be safe and wear a mask when you go out!